Advocacy & Public Policy Resources

Advocacy is an essential component of a nonprofit organization’s ability to meet its mission. Organizations have a responsibility to serve as a resource to elected officials who rely upon the experience and expertise of the nonprofit sector to inform their understanding of the issues and the policy choices they make at every level of government. The following resources have been curated to help nonprofits engage in the public dialogue about issues that impact their constituents and organizations.


Registration and Reporting

Registration and Reporting Requirements for Lobbyists

Contact Your Legislators

Contact Your Representative

Helpful Tips for Contacting Legislators

Helpful Tips for Contacting Legislators

Nonprofit Lobbying

Nonprofit Lobbying and the 501(h) Election

Conducting a Day on the Hill

How to Conduct a Day on the Hill

Federal Law

Federal Law and Nonprofit Lobbying

Elections & The Census

Democracy is in Our Hands
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October 17, 2023

Nonpartisan Election Guide

Ballot Measures
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October 04, 2022

Nonprofits & Elections

Ballot Measures
Last Modified:
March 05, 2021

Ballot Measure Advocacy 101