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Fundraising & Grantseeking Resources

Charitable donations are an essential part of most nonprofit's budgets and allow an organization to carry out services and its mission. It is critical that nonprofits have a wide variety of funding sources in order to be sustainable over the long term. The following resources can help organizations prepare for fundraising and learn about a variety of funding sources in Minnesota.

Government Funding

While it is true that applying for government funding, especially federal funds, has always been highly competitive and more time intensive than a foundation grant, the payoff can be great. Government grants, particularly those from the federal government, are usually very large. Once an organization has identified a particular department within the federal government, built relationships with the staff and successfully received funding, it is likely that more funding will follow unless it is specifically one-time money.


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May 11, 2022

Finding State Grant Opportunities

Federal Grant Opportunities
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April 02, 2019

Finding Federal Grant Opportunities

Sales tax
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April 02, 2019

Federal Grant Application Process