Event & Registration FAQ

Important things to know about event registration

  • Registrations cannot be shared. Registration for MCN paid, virtual events is for individual registrants only and not permitted to be shared. Access information to virtual events is prohibited from being shared. Additionally, as event materials are subject to intellectual property rights, all session materials distributed by MCN are only sent to registrants who have paid to attend the event, and are not permitted to be shared by registrants. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
  • Think of your account as your “forever account.” If you change organizations or serve with multiple organizations, this account (and your login information) will stay with you. Creating a duplicate individual account may impact your ability to access resources, benefits, or savings moving forward. 
  • Every person looking to register for an MCN event must have their own account to register. It's important that registrants have their own accounts in order to receive all the event communications, otherwise they may miss the access information or notifications of any change to the event.
  • Do not share individual accounts. Sharing an account creates a number of issues for our system and can be problematic for registrants. Our system allows a person to register on behalf of a group or another person in their organization, so there is no need to share an individual account for the sake of paying for a registration. Instructions for registering on behalf of another person and groups are included in the registration FAQ section below.
  • Our system only allows for one registration record per person per event. Once you complete a registration for an event, you will not be able to register additional people for the same event at a later time. You must register everyone planning to attend the event at the same time
  • For the purpose of our system, an organization’s employee list is the list for all people connected to an organization. The employee list is how our registration system recognizes who are colleagues in an organization, regardless of whether they are paid staff, board members, or volunteers. This is the same list our system generates during the registration process that allows a user to register on behalf of other people in the organization. If you don’t see someone on the employee list, it is likely they either 1) do not have an account; 2) need to update their employment information; or 3) are connected to a duplicate organization account.

Events FAQ

Events FAQ

  • How do I log in to a virtual training?

  • Does MCN offer continuing education credits?

  • Do you record your events?

  • How can I check if I’m registered for an upcoming event?

  • How do I view the list of events I’ve attended?

  • Will you have the same training again? When is the next offering for a certain training?

  • How do I request a transfer, substitution, or refund?

  • How do I request accessibility accommodations for an event I’m attending?

Registration FAQ

Registration FAQ

  • How do I register myself for an event?

  • I want to pay for my coworker’s registration. How do I register them?

  • How do I register multiple people?

  • I’m trying to register my colleague, but I get a message saying I already have a registration record. Why is that/how do I get them registered?

  • I registered for a paid event but never received a confirmation email. Where is it?

Payment FAQ

Payment FAQ