Leadership & Governance Resources

The sustainability and future of nonprofits in Minnesota often depend on the decisions made by leaders on staff and the board of directors. It is important to recognize and cultivate leadership skills within an organization in order to move your mission forward. The following resources explore the core responsibilities of nonprofit leaders and boards members in order for a nonprofit to successfully champion for its mission and cause.

Board Basics

Board Composition and Structure

Board Composition and Structure

Recruiting and Retaining

Recruiting and Retaining Good Board Members

Roles and Responsibilities of the Board

Roles and Responsibilities of the Nonprofit Board

Executive Director and the Board Relationship

The Executive Director and Board Relationship

Board Role in Risk Management

The Board's Role in Risk Management

Finance and Audit

Nonprofit Finance vs Audit Committees

Innovation in the Board

Unlocking Innovation in Board Development

Leadership Development

Leadership vs. Management

Leadership vs. Management

Leadership Development

Adaptive Leadership for Nonprofits

Leadership Development

Leadership Development Programs