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Investing in you. We are building an institution of lasting value. For our part, that means earning our members’ trust and respect, delivering products of value and providing outstanding service. That’s our mission.

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Social communications and social fundraising skills and strategies to meet new supporters, engage them in your mission, and move them up the engagement ladder to donors and supports. Specializing in inexpensive, accessible tools to keep making progress!

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Highly experienced attorneys with rates tailored to the nonprofit community.

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We’re here to help you tell your brand story. We are a creative agency with a passion for design, the customer and the people that make it happen. We develop creative strategies that will build your brand presence and help drive sales.

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We're two people who love making a difference in the lives of our clients, and yours. We believe in the power of thoughtful evaluation, strategic planning, and organizational leadership development. And we are ready to help you do that work.

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Personal storytelling coaching for individuals and the organizations that rely on them to advance their causes or missions.

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Contact me if you are looking for effective, manageable ways to grow and develop your nonprofit, foundation, sponsorships and/or government funding options.

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Pravada has been serving customers throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin and surrounding areas since 2010. Our team of well trained, certified technicians and engineers work together ensuring your IT needs are fulfilled.

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Our founder, Otto Bremer, believed that when our businesses and communities succeed, we all succeed. Since 1943, we've invested in the communities we serve by building relationships with the people working passionately to make our communities better every day.

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