Public Policy

Advancing policies that strengthen the nonprofit sector and Minnesota communities

MCN and the Minnesota Budget Project policy teams advance public policies that strengthen the nonprofit sector and Minnesota communities through policy development and analysis, and by engaging nonprofits, other organizational partners, and the public to lift up our shared vision for a just, equitable Minnesota.

Our policy work is informed by MCN’s strategic priority on equity and justice.

Advocacy & Public Policy Resources

Nonprofits play a central role in the democratic process by providing a means for individuals to deliberate on public policies and decisions that affect them. At MCN, we are continuously working to provide resources and tools you need to engage in effective advocacy and public policy work at your nonprofit.


Policy Updates

  • Advocacy & Public Policy
Posted 04/19/24
MCN joined Senator Klobuchar to promote The Charitable Act that would create a universal federal charitable deduction.
  • Advocacy & Public Policy
Posted 02/08/24
The Minnesota Supreme Court affirms district court's removal of Otto Bremer Trust trustee in 2022.
  • Advocacy & Public Policy
Posted 09/27/23
With hours to spare, Congress passed, and Pres. Biden signed, a 45-day spending bill to temporarily avoid a shutdown.

Policy Spotlight

State Grant Reform

Each year the state of Minnesota grants about $500 million to nonprofits to provide essential services. Changes in oversight of state-funded grants to nonprofits continues to be a topic at the Legislature. 

Nonprofits must be included in implementing any and all reform efforts.

Working toward equitable grantmaking

Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML)

A state-administered PFML program was signed into law May 2023, and allows nonprofits to be competitive employers, all Minnesotans to take time off to care for themselves and their families, boosts the economy, and advances racial equity.

PFML benefits and premiums start January 1, 2026.

What nonprofits need to know

Nonprofit SEAT Act

Nonprofits have extensive experience and insights that can benefit everyone in a more collaborative government-nonprofit partnership.

The Nonprofit SEAT Act enhances nonprofits' ability to address public challenges and maximize opportunities to advance our mission in every community across the country.

Sign your nonprofit's support

Legislative Successes and Past Campaigns

Since its founding in 1987, MCN has been recognized for exemplary work at the state legislature and as a source of training on relationships and advocacy between nonprofits and government.  The number and subject matter of MCN’s public policy positions has grown over time. Learn more about some of the campaigns and successes over MCN's history of public policy work.