2020 Nonprofit Finance & Sustainability Conference

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How will your nonprofit remain sustainable in times of change?

Leadership is about strong relationships, emotional intelligence, and team work. At the same time, leadership is about fiscal transparency, ethical decision making, and taking a long-term view.

As nonprofits navigate new challenges impacting our organization's sustainability, daily operations, staff security and health, and more, there is no better time to come together to generate ideas, share resources, and strategize for a successful future.

Join the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and Propel Nonprofits for the 2020 Nonprofit Finance & Sustainability Conference — now offered as a two-day virtual format — to learn how to weather the short-term changes and long-term trends impacting Minnesota’s nonprofit sector. You'll have a chance to hone your skills around budgets, accounting, and fiscal leadership, as well as expand your ability to manage a crisis, lead with influence, and find opportunity in change.

Our new virtual format to help nonprofits gain valuable insights and resources from the convenience of their remote work space. Highlights include:

  • Six breakout periods over two days, with each period offering two session options
  • Keynote Planning to Pivot: Financial Management in Uncertain Times with Hilda Polanco, founder and CEO of Fiscal Management Associates, LLC
  • Keynote Crisis as the Catalyst for Change with Amelia Franck Meyer, founder and CEO of Alia
  • Recordings of all sessions after the conference, providing attendees access to every minute of conference content for the first time
  • Themed hangout spaces for peer-to-peer conversations throughout

Together, we will understand how financial leadership can lead to organizational sustainability and mission achievement, particularly in times of uncertainty. 

2020 Nonprofit Finance and
Sustainability Conference

We've gone virtual!
Tuesday, April 14
  8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Tuesday, April 21
9:15 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.

Hosted by:
Propel Nonprofits

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Hilda Polanco

April 14 Opening Keynote

Planning to Pivot: Financial Management in Uncertain Times

Our morning keynote presentation will be led by Hilda Polanco, founder and CEO of Fiscal Management Associates, LLC.

We all had learned skills to build assumptions that reliably helped us predict the next year or two for our organizations. Now we’re not sure these tools still work, but we know we have to do something.

As we all find our carefully developed budgets, forecasts, and plans have suddenly been turned upside down, how should we assess our current and future financial positions to be able to develop scenario plans for an ever-changing future?

During this thought-provoking keynote, Hilda will explore the tools and strategies available to us as we develop plans in situations that are shifting by the hour.

Amelia Franck Meyer

April 21 Opening Keynote

Crisis as the Catalyst for Change

Our morning keynote presentation will be led by Amelia Franck Meyer, CEO of Alia Innovations.

We are all going through a very challenging, unchartered time right now, but this time can also lead to enhanced creativity and innovation. During uncertain times, new conditions and opportunities arise that make things possible now—and in the future—that were not possible with the conditions that existed in the past. Seeing this possibility for positive change is a way we can care for wellbeing now.

While we must content with the current realities, how might we continue to plan for a new normal; knowing that what was (and who we were) before the crisis will be forever changed. Maybe there are some parts of our old “normal” that we are not in a rush to return to, even if we could, so let’s take this time to plan how to rebuild a better world on the other side of this crisis.

As systemic inequities and inadequacies are exposed, let’s consider how we can come together now, and when the dust settles, to build a better way forward for all of us.

During this stimulating keynote, Amelia will explore how we prepare to use this current crisis to bring about change for good.

Overall Conference Learning Objectives

Attendees of the 2020 Nonprofit Finance and Sustainability Conference will be able to:

  • Better understand issues of nonprofit finance including financial compliance, investing, budgeting, audits, internal controls, and more.
  • Better understand themes of nonprofit sustainability including nonprofit capitalization, entrepreneurship, finding the right revenue mix, and nonprofit excellence.
  • Gain insight into the relationship between finances and nonprofit leadership – from the point of view of the board, executive, senior leadership, and finance director. 

Conference Planning Committee

  • Elizabeth Appel – Propel Nonprofits
  • Kate Barr – Propel Nonprofits
  • Jeff Bina – VocalEssence
  • Shauna Dee – Forecast Public Art
  • Yohannes Ghebru – Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
  • Glyn Northington – Propel Nonprofits
  • Janet Ogden-Brackett – Propel Nonprofits
  • Peter Olsen – Interfaith Action of Greater St. Paul
  • Jon Pratt – Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
  • Joanna Ramirez Barrett – Bush Foundation
  • Nonoko Sato – Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
  • Lois Schmidt – Project Turnabout
  • Neda Shahghasemi – Redesign