2022 Nonprofit Finance & Sustainability Conference

2022 Nonprofit Finance & Sustainability Conference

How are you sustaining your nonprofit - your people and programs - as we continue the winding path of change and reinvention?

As nonprofits address challenges impacting your bottom line, daily operations, and staff wellness and capacity, there is no better time to gather and generate ideas, share resources, strategize, and support each other in remaining hopeful that an abundant future for all is possible. 

Join the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and Propel Nonprofits for the 2022 Nonprofit Finance & Sustainability Conference — offered as a two-day virtual format — to learn how to proactively respond to the change and challenge in Minnesota’s nonprofit sector.

Hone your skills around data security, accounting, negotiating benefits, business modeling, and equitable fiscal leadership. The foundation will be laid for you to expand your knowledge as it relates to inflation, ARPA dollars, people-centered policies, leading and healing through prolonged crisis, aligning investments with values, and more.

Together, we will understand how centering equity, people, and values in our approach to financial and human resources leadership grows organizational and community vitality, particularly in uncertain times.
Conference Highlights Header - 2022 Nonprofit Finance Conference
  • 20 breakout sessions

  • Keynote with Sarah Bellamy, president of Penumbra Theatre

  • Expert-facilitated small group conversations on specific finance and human resource sector issues 

  • Wellness offerings

  • Recordings of most sessions after the conference

  • Exhibition Hall 

Learning Objectives - 2022 Nonprofit Finance Conference

Attendees of the 2022 Nonprofit Finance and Sustainability Conference will be able to:

  • Better understand issues of nonprofit finance including financial compliance, investing, budgeting, audits, internal controls, and more.

  • Better understand themes of nonprofit sustainability including nonprofit capitalization, entrepreneurship, finding the right revenue mix, and truly inclusive hiring and retention practices and policies.

  • Gain insight into the relationship between finances and nonprofit leadership – from the point of view of the board, executive, senior leadership, and finance director. 

2022 Nonprofit Finance and
Sustainability Conference

Virtual: Live & Recorded

Tuesday, March 29 & Thursday, March 31
8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Hosted by:
Propel Nonprofits

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Sponsored by:
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Sarah Bellamy

March 29 Keynote:
Vision Born of Fire

with Sarah Bellamy, president of Penumbra Theatre

As we find ourselves with a collective American awareness that is split, moving rapidly and without pause through seasons of violence, our attention bounces and numbs. Yet there is opportunity for focus and sensation that will bring repair and healing. Join Sarah Bellamy, president of Penumbra Theatre, as she shares how a vision born of fire can move an organization toward justice with people at its center and every element of its operations playing an integral part in its ability to thrive.

Kate and Ruth

March 31 Keynote: 
Making Sense of Major Themes Effecting Decision-Making

with Kate Barr, CEO, Propel Nonprofits and Ruth McCambridge, editor emerita, Nonprofit Quarterly

The constant changes over the last two years have impacted every nonprofit, but not all in the same ways. The variations are wide, from staffing challenges to access to relief funds and capital to roller coaster shifts within communities. Approaches to leadership and the need for adaptability are just some of the trends we see affecting nonprofits differently based on their business model and field of service. Join nonprofit leaders to discuss some major themes influencing nonprofits’ financial decision-making. Recognizing the differences experienced by nonprofits, this session will then go into facilitated breakout sessions by field of service that will allow leaders to connect with peers about their experiences, challenges, and learnings.

The session will kick off with a conversation between Propel Nonprofits president and CEO Kate Barr and founder and editor emerita of the Nonprofit Quarterly, Ruth McCambridge, based on research gathered from interviews and surveys from nonprofits around the country over the last 12 months.

Conference Planning Committee

  • Elizabeth Appel – Propel Nonprofits
  • Laura Dunford – Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
  • Courtney Gerber - Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
  • Yohannes Ghebru – Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
  • Stacy Johnston – Audacity HR Solutions
  • Heidi Kim – Propel Nonprofits
  • Liz Kuoppala – Mahube-Otwa Community Action Partnership
  • Rebecca Luxenberg -RLuxy Consulting, LLC.
  • Glyn Northington - Propel Nonprofits
  • Nonoko Sato – Minnesota Council of Nonprofits