Nonprofit Membership

When your nonprofit joins the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN), it is immediately connected to a network of 2,200 organizations that spans all budget sizes, geographic regions, and activity areas in the state and region.

As one of the largest state associations of nonprofits in the U.S., MCN draws upon the expertise and knowledge of this network to develop programs and services that inform, promote, connect, and strengthen individual nonprofits and the nonprofit sector.

As an MCN nonprofit member, you will gain access to a variety of member benefits that will help you and your organization: stay informed; save time and money; network with other nonprofits and peers; learn from important sector research; advocate for the nonprofit sector, and; award leading nonprofits. Plus, with membership dues levels that are based on a nonprofit's budget size, the affordability of membership won't drain your organization's valuable resources.

Benefits of Nonprofit Membership

Stay Informed:

  • Receive two MCN resource publications per year free of charge (value of up to $440)
  • Receive quarterly Nonprofit News print newsletter
  • Receive weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly email alerts (opt-in required)
  • Access to members-only resources on MCN’s website

Save Time and Money

Learn from and Network with Fellow Nonprofits

Important Sector Research

  • Participate in and receive the results from sector research to help your organization succeed

Advocate for the Nonprofit Sector

  • Advocate on behalf of all nonprofits at the state Legislature, with city and county governments, and with our federal congressional delegation
  • Work with the media on behalf of nonprofits to spotlight the sector and showcase best practices

Award Leading Nonprofits

MCN Nonprofit Dues Schedule

Your nonprofit's dues are based on your organization's annual operating budget and start at just $50 a year – a price that you can immediately earn back in benefits and cost-savings! 

     Your nonprofit's budget:

Your dues:  

     $0-$49,999 $50  
     $50,000 - $99,999      $75  
     $100,000 - $199,999      $125  
     $200,000 - $399,999 $175  
     $400,000 - $699,999  $300  
     $700,000 - $999,999      $500  
     $1 million - $2 million      $650  
     $2 million - $3 million      $800  
     $3 million - $5 million      $950  
     $5 million - $10 million      $1,200  
     $10 million - $20 million      $1,500  
     Above $20 million  $1,750