ACTCON 2020 - 1100x260

Conference Attendees

Last updated August 3, 2020.

Kari Aanestad, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
Jody Ambroz McArdle, Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance, Inc.
Adrienne Amell, Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa
Emily Anderson, Association for Nonsmokers - Minnesota
Jane Austin, Achieve!Minneapolis
Nathan Austin, Mytech Partners, Inc.
Judie Foster Babcock, Kinni Corridor Collaborative, Inc.
Jennifer Baker, Minnesota Zoo Foundation
Nancy Baldrica, Fraser
Tiffany Barnard, Southwest Initiative Foundation
Susannah Barnes, EVOLVE Adoption & Family Services
Lori Barry, Hearts of Teal
Dee Baskin, Loan Repayment Assistance Program
Sharon Bastin, NAMI Minnesota
Mac Becco, Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance
Jordan Benning, Midwest Regional CAC
Lillie Benowitz, Environmental Initiative
Jen Bettencourt, Saint Therese Foundation, Inc.
Amanda Beyer, Minnesota Counties Computer Cooperative
Kerstin Beyer, Walker Art Center
Aundrea Billings, Electric Citizen
Jake Blumberg, GiveMN
Bob Breck, Lanark Consulting LLC
Ashle Briggs-Horton, Planned Parenthood North Central States
Virginia Brown, Aeon
Kate Brune, Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans
Lisa Bryant, Environmental Initiative
Dustin Bystrom, Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans
Maureen Cahill, Bellmont Partners
John Capecci, Living Proof Advocacy / Capecci Communications
Rebecca Carlson, Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans
Jacquelyn Carpenter, Twin Cities R!SE
Matt Carter, Dakota County Historical Society
Deborah Carter McCoy, Environmental Initiative
Sara Casey, West Central Initiative
Cecelia Caspram, Mission Growth Partners
Annie Celander, Neighborhood House
Lesley Chester, EVOLVE Family Services
Georgina Chinchilla Gonzalez, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Stephanie Gathright, Indigo Education
Heather Christopherson, CFRE, H.A. Christopherson & Associates LLC
Alexis Clausen, FamilyWise
Dave Colling, Metro Meals on Wheels, Inc.
Emma Connell, Wilder Research Center
Irene Connors
Nicole Conti, Rise, Inc.
Vicky Couillard, Vail Place
Nancy Countryman, The Food Group
Kelly Parks, New Life Family Services
Sarah Crumrine, Twin Cities Public Television
DeAnna Cummings, McKnight Foundation
Camille Cyprian, Minnesota Council on Foundations
Pete Czachor, MACC
John Czyscon, Friends of the Mississippi River
Angie Dahle, Career Solutions
Alex Dalbey-Thomas, Emma Norton Services
Sam Daub, Pillsbury United Communities
Laura Daugherty, Minnesota Public Radio
Lauren Daumueller, Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative
Kenosha Davenport, Sexual Violence Center
Ellen Davis, Future Funding
Erica de Klerk, SEJE Consulting LLC
Sharon DeMark, Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation
Anna Jeide-Detweiler, Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs
Kaitlyn Dormer, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity
Sophie Downey, Friends of the Mississippi River
Chris Duffy, Goff Public
Traci Dukuly
Lauren Edstrom, Metro Meals on Wheels, Inc.
Emily Edison, SOAR Career Solutions
Amy R. Eppen, Dakota County Technical College Foundation
Paul Ernst, Cultural Technology Solutions
Corinne Ertz, International Institute of Minnesota
Amanda Even, Lakes & Prairies Community Action Partnership, Inc.
Corey Falls, Mytech Partners, Inc.
Angi Farren, Upper Midwest ACH Association
Theresa Fetsch, Rein in Sarcoma 
Keri Fitts, Family Resource Center St. Croix Valley
Danielle Flint, Student Advocacy Center of Michigan
Chris Flippo, East Side Learning Center
Leticia Floyd, Violence Free Minnesota
Adrian Freeman, Lifeworks Services, Inc.
Benjamin Fribley, Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa
Chris Friederichs, EVOLVE Adoption & Family Services
Madilynn Garcia, Prepare + Prosper
Katie Godfrey Demmer, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation
Gay Gonnerman, The Food Group
Karen Graham, Tech Impact
Karen Grasmon, Southwest Initiative Foundation
Jakyra Green, Oasis for Youth
Jillian Gross Fortgang, SEJE Consulting LLC
Diane Grossman, Sheltering Arms Foundation
Nicole Grosz, Lifeworks Services, Inc.
Briana Gruenewald, Bellmont Partners
Mike Gude, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
Jennifer Hadley, Friends of the Mississippi River
Roger Hagedorn, City of Minneapolis
Ruth Hamberg, Squaretree LLC
Brian Hanf, Trail Blazer Campaign Services
Monica Hanson, Sexual Violence Center
Graham Hartley, MIGIZI Communications, Inc.
Erin Hartung, Cancer Legal Care
Jonathan Hatch, Saint Paul Media, Inc.
Sidney Hauck, Conservation Corps Minnesota
Sarah Haugen, EVOLVE Adoption & Family Services
Jessica Hauser, Valley Outreach
Elena Haynes, Prepare + Prosper
Haley Cope, Lake Superior Zoological Society
Deb Hegseth, West Central Initiative
Heidi Heise, Oasis for Youth
Heather Helm, Western Communities Action Network
Celina Her, Wallin Education Partners
Monique Hernandez, CAPI USA
Heather Hirschey, Genesys Works - Twin Cities
Dave Hogen, M&E Catalyst Group
Jill Holter, ICA Food Shelf
Eric Honoroff, FamilyWise
Amanda Horner, Catholic Charities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis
Katrina Houmes, Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Elsbeth Howe, Inver Hills Community College Foundation
Kaitlyn Huntington, Como Friends
Don Irwin, Fraser
Tony Jacobson, Wright County Community Action
Megan Jahnke, St. John in the Wilderness Episcopal Church
Kinzy Janssen, Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Erika Jensen, Carpenter St. Croix Valley Nature Center
Heidi Johnson, Achieve!Minneapolis
Julie Jonas, Innocence Project of Minnesota
Jenna Jones, Lakes Center for Youth & Families
Wendy Jones, Minnesota Recovery Connection
Mary S. Jones, Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota
Rocky Jones, The Minnesota Opera
Jonathan C. W.  Jones, Ideation4 
Judith Jopp, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
Aleena Kaleem, Planned Parenthood North Central States
Amanda Kaler, Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Riley Karbon, United Family Medicine
Aileen Kasper, Genesys Works - Twin Cities
Rachel Kaul, Kaul Consulting
Natalie Kerber, Touchstone Mental Health
Laura Whittet, The Bakken Museum
Natasha Klettenberg, Saint Paul Media, Inc.
Mina Kobayashi, Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest, Inc.
Sean Koebele, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity
Amy Kortisses, Wright County Community Action
Joanne Kosciolek, Project for Pride in Living
Rachel Kourelis, Cancer Legal Care
Lauren Kramer, Native Governance Center
Joel Kristenson, Trail Blazer Campaign Services
Jared Laabs, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity
Emily Ladd, Minnesota Counties Computer Cooperative
Deborah Lande, Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners
Katie  LaPlant, SOAR Career Solutions
Mary Larkin, Apple Tree Dental
Christie Larson, Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women
Emma Larson, Apple Tree Dental
Rachel Larson, ICA Food Shelf
Whitney Larson, World Savvy
Lori Larson, Fergus Area College Foundation
Ron Lattin, H2O for Life
Rebecca Lawrence, Telling Queer History
Elodie Lee, Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative
Alex Legeros, White Bear Center for the Arts
Linne Lemke, Second Harvest Heartland
Sarah Lennander, Neighborhood House
Yvonne Lerew, Children's Defense Fund-Minnesota
Charlie Levine, Jewish Family Service of St. Paul
Liz Stiras, Great River Greening
Lisa Lindgren, LML Marketing LLC
Mike Linnemann, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness
Hannah Litfin, Loaves and Fishes
Gordon Liu, Faribault Diversity Coalition
Chue Lor, The Food Group
Stefano LoVerso, Vail Place
Ashley Lustig, 826 MSP
Blake MacKenzie, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity
Linda Madsen, Lakes Center for Youth & Families
Cathy Maes, Loaves and Fishes
Maggie Magradze, Lifetrack
Mary Maguire, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
Rylee Main, Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance
Jessica Manivasager, Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.
Peter Marshall, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness
Kayla Martin, Montessori Center of MN
Nate Martineau, Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans
Cayne McCaskell, Aeon
Bob McClintick, Initiative Foundation
Lani McCollar, Bentz Whaley Flessner
Julie Vo McConnell, Genesys Works - Twin Cities
Joseph Mcdearmon, Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program
Sean McGee, Minnesota Recovery Connection
Maureen McMullen, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
Marit Mechels, Washburn Center for Children
Charlotte Mertz, American Indian Family Center
Jamie Millard, Pollen
Michele Miller, Initiative Foundation
Brianna Miller, People Responding In Social Ministry (PRISM)
Marcia Milliken, Minnesota Children's Alliance
Talia Miracle, The Food Group
Mallory Mitchell, GiveMN
Tami Moberg, Quincy House
Carrie Moore, WomenVenture
Liam Moore, American Brain Foundation
Jessica Zimmerman, TakeAction Minnesota
Dan Moriarty, Electric Citizen
Jennifer Munt, Minnesota Teamsters Service Bureau
Paige Myers, CEAP
Monica Nadal, Pollen
Jessica Gallo, Mount Olivet Lutheran Church
Heidy Nazario, Lifetrack
Shawna Nelsen-Wills, Emma Norton Services
Hyedi Nelson, Bellmont Partners
Sara Nephew, White Bear Center for the Arts
David D. Nguyen, Meet Minneapolis
Allison Norgren, Initiative Foundation
Kelsey Ohme, Community Emergency Service
Chris Oien, Minnesota Council on Foundations
Leah Olm, GiveMN
Julie Olmsted, Cancer Legal Care
Trina Olson, Team Dynamics
Leigh Onkka, Fresh Energy
Michelle Ooley, Mobile Menders
Stacy Opitz, Prepare + Prosper
Emily Orr, REACH for Resources
Krista Ostrom, Germanic-American Institute
Judy Otto, Southwest Initiative Foundation
Luciano Patino, Propel Nonprofits
Jill Pearson-Wood, Emerge Community Development
Rebecca Petersen, West Central Initiative
Brian Peterson, Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans
Anne Pole, Twin Cities R!SE
Kim Utecht Prayfrock, Oak Meadows Senior Living
Kathie Prieve, Touchstone Mental Health
Savina Proykova, Aeon
Renee Purrier-Hieb, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
Madeline Ramirez, Saint Paul Public Schools Community Education
Jerome Rankine, Pollen
Kaela Reinardy, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity
Tressa Reuter, PACER Center, Inc.
Susan Rich, Friends of the Mississippi River
Shaun Riffe, Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans
Jaci Christiansen, Safe Haven Shelter & Resource Center
Andrea Robbins, Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Mary Roberson, Midwestern Higher Education Compact
Kevin Robinson, ANEW BAM
Ellen Rogers, Friends of the Mississippi River
Emily Rohrer, Lifeworks Services, Inc.
Katie Rojas-Jahn, Minnesota Children's Alliance
Nichole Rothaupt, Lifeworks Services, Inc.
Kelly Rowan, Carleton College
Patrick Rowan, Metro Meals on Wheels, Inc.
Patrick Rowley, Bloomerang
Tammy Sakry, Synergos AMC
Monika Salden, ICA Food Shelf
Jason Samuels, American Craft Council
Andrea Sanow, Propel Nonprofits
Angela Satcher, NECHAMA - Jewish Response to Disaster
Julia Schafer, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity
Rick Schara, West Central Initiative
Melissa Schroeder, 
Winona Schultz, Can Do Canines
Kelsey Schuster, Episcopal Church in Minnesota
Christine Schwitzer, YouthLink
Emilia Seay Allen, Episcopal Church in Minnesota
John See, Labor Education Service University of Minnesota
Nikki See, Partners in Food Solutions
Samantha Sencer-Mura, 826 MSP
Cuyler Dinegan, MN Prevention Resource Center
Jon Severson, Science Museum of Minnesota
Sacha Seymour-Anderson, Environmental Initiative
Vidhya Shanker, Rainbow Research, Inc.
Steven Shattuck, Bloomerang
Michael Shay, Hammer Residences, Inc.
Jana Shortal, KARE 11
Maggie Simmons, KIPP Minnesota
Erin Simon, East Side Learning Center
Patti Sinykin, Loaves and Fishes
Kristin Skaar, Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota
Anna Skemp, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity
Kim Slipy, Initiative Foundation
Madison Smith, American Indian Family Center
Becky Smith, Violence Free Minnesota
Craig Solid, Solid Research Group, LLC
Yesenia Sotelo
Emily Spurgeon, Animal Allies Humane Society
Marla Stack, Walker Art Center
Signe Steiner, ArcStone Technologies
Courtney Stoesz, Genesys Works - Twin Cities
Jenna Strank, Cornerstone Advocacy Service
Glenda Swan, PLUS Foundation
Sara Swenson, Goff Public
Peter Tatikian, Can Do Canines
Ashley Taylor-Gouge, Sexual Violence Center
Liz Tenpas, The Sheridan Story
Tammy Tesky Ausen, CFRE, Association of Fundraising Professionals - MN Chapter
Nalee Thao, RADIAS Health (formerly South Metro Human Services)
Mala Thao, Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation
Dennis Sanders, Loaves and Fishes
Funwi Tita, Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity
Chad Trench, Special Olympics Minnesota
Emily Truscott, Tubman
Alaina Turnquist, Second Harvest Heartland
Kim Ukura, Washington County Library
Kelly Unger, Valley Outreach
Megan Unrau, Rail~Volution
Jamie Van Nostrand, The Minneapolis Institute of Art
Samantha VanWechel-Meyer, West Central Initiative
Sydney Velez, Emerge Community Development
Tally Venjohn, Aeon
Victoria Virasy, Emma Norton Services
Paul Vliem, Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative
Emily Wade, Our Streets Minneapolis
Rachel Wagner, Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa
Kristen Walters, Committee Against Domestic Abuse (CADA)
Amy Wartick, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
Seth Washington, Minnesota Teamsters Service Bureau
Wendy Wehr, wendywehr.com
Jeremy Wells, Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation
Jane Welter-Nolan, Mental Health Resources
Alfonso Wenker, Team Dynamics
Miriam West, Rail~Volution
Molly Whelan, Volunteer Lawyers Network, Ltd.
Constance White, Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance, Inc.
Jules Wilkins, Montessori Center of Minnesota
Eric Wilson, The Food Group
Kaitlyn Meyers, Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota
Kelsey Wotzka, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity
John Wurm, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
Denny Yang, World Savvy
Lindy Yokanovich, Cancer Legal Care
Suzanne Yonker, Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities
AsaleSol Young, Urban Homeworks, Inc.
Ashley Zach, Someplace Safe
Angela Zappa, Minnesota Council on Economic Education
Marie Zimmerman, Southwest Initiative Foundation
Patrick Zook, Central MN Dementia Community Action Network

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