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Bite-Sized Learning: Working Effectively with Consultants

Wednesday, August 17, 11:30 AM - Wednesday, August 17, 2022, 12:30 PM
Wednesday, August 17, 2022, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Fee: Free

Are you considering working with a consultant? Are you wondering how to effectively engage with a consultant? Curious about how a consultant can deliver value for you? Join us for a discussion of the ins and outs of seeking, hiring, and working with consultants in the nonprofit sector. 
Consultants can boost your organization’s capacity and help you tackle important challenges. However, it takes time and effort to engage a consultant, and not all consultants offer the same value. In this discussion, we will talk about when to engage a consultant, how to know if a consultant is right for what you need, how to set yourself up for a successful engagement, and how to manage your relationship with a consultant. Plus, we’ll have time to answer your questions, so come ready to learn and engage!
What you’ll learn:

  • When you should consider hiring a consultant
  • What to look for in a consultant
  • How to set up a successful engagement with a consultant
  • How to foster a productive relationship with a consultant

Event Details

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Facilitator Information

Eric JacobsonEric B. Jacobson has over twelve years of experience working in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. As a consultant and facilitator, he helps nonprofits and foundations make it easier to achieve their missions through thoughtful strategy, compelling messaging, and organizational effectiveness. During his time in philanthropy, he supported organizations small and large to improve their financial sustainability, enhance their communications, conduct scientific research, and develop their programs. Previously, he worked in nonprofit communications, fundraising, and program management for environmental organizations. Eric has also coached leaders and strengthened teams in the private sector, and, for the last three years, he has worked as a change management consultant in the private and public sectors. Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania, a master’s degree in Conservation Biology from Columbia University, and a master’s degree in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco. He has been trained in Technology of Participation (ToP)® Facilitation Methods developed by the Institute for Cultural Affairs. He is also an internationally-recognized West Coast Swing dance instructor.

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