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How to Start Using Data and Build an Evaluation Culture

Tuesday, July 26, 10:00 AM - Tuesday, July 26, 2022, 12:00 PM
Tuesday, July 26, 2022, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Fee: $45 for MCN members / $65 for nonmembers

When you hear the word “evaluation,” what comes to mind? Requirements from funders? An audit? Scrambling to track down information for a report? Stress? A big question mark? What if someone told you evaluation could be a tool to support your own work while also making your funders and higher-ups happy?
This workshop will walk you through how to take simple steps to easily incorporate evaluation into your everyday work. You will learn how to use what you already know and are already doing to learn more about your work, do it better, and communicate your impact. These skills will not only help you have a better understanding of your own work and impact but will help you translate what you learn into language that will resonate with existing funders, potential donors, and your community.  

Please join us for an interactive workshop to learn how you can apply simple evaluation techniques in your organization that truly support your work while giving those who want to see your “data” what they need. 

This workshop is designed to help smaller and lower-resourced organizations get started building an evaluation culture and share evaluation concepts that are not your standard "Eval 101" content.  

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the difference between evaluation culture and standalone evaluation projects and when each of these approaches is most valuable
  • Learn creative ways to apply evaluation basics to your real-life situation
  • Discover stress-free evaluation techniques that you can use in your everyday work without adding extra busy work
  • Learn how to enhance and support your programmatic, experiential, and community-based knowledge with real-time contextual data
  • Learn how to incorporate equity-based principles into your data-gathering and evaluation activities
  • Understand how to plan for evaluation and talk about it with funders and donors
  • Learn ways to engage your staff, participants, and community through evaluation

Event Details

This virtual event will take place on the Zoom platform. Your access link will be emailed to you the day before the event after 12 p.m.

This session will be recorded. The recording will be made available to registrants after the live event.

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Speaker Information

Allison ShurillaAllison Shurilla (she/they) is the Founder and Lead Consultant of AS Community Consulting (ASCC). Shurilla has over 12 years of experience consulting nonprofits, schools, and public agencies on their evaluation and research goals. In addition to her consulting experience, she has 20 years of experience working in the nonprofit and public education sectors as a staff member, volunteer, educator, and board member. She has backgrounds in education, youth work, public health, community engagement, and the arts in a local, national, and international capacity. Her approach to evaluation uses a combination of traditional evaluation consulting, social justice-based research methodologies, community organizing principles, and coaching techniques. For more information on ASCC's work and unique approach to evaluation consulting, please visit www.asevaluation.com.

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