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Nonprofit organizations, their managers and their boards of directors have a strong need for legal information. Nonprofit activities involve a substantial amount of legal liability and yet many organizations lack ready access to basic legal information and do not have the resources necessary to procure ongoing legal counsel. While there are many publications about nonprofit law, most are technical and aimed at attorneys, not a layperson running a nonprofit organization.

The Nonprofit Legal Handbook is a project of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits that strives to answer basic legal questions for nonprofit leaders in easy-to-understand language. Written and reviewed by attorney experts and additionally reviewed by nonprofit managers, the Nonprofit Legal Handbook offers plain English explanations of nonprofit law in 16 different sections. Its Question/Answer format makes it easy to find the answer to just the question you have.


Nonprofit Legal Handbook Sections

Introduction to Nonprofit Law
The Nonprofit Corporation
Tax Exemptions
Charitable Solicitation Registration
Charitable Donation Regulations
Boards of Directors
Financial Accountability
Human Resources
Liability And Insurance
Disclosure Requirements
Relationships With Other Entities
Other Regulatory Issues
Ongoing Compliance
Intellectual Property


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