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Starting a Successful Nonprofit

The process for transforming an idea into an operating organization can be complicated. It takes time, planning and knowledge of Minnesota and federal regulations, as well as nonprofit best practices.

MCN offers a variety of resources to help guide nonprofits start on the right foot, including online information, a Handbook for Starting a Successful Nonprofit andin-person workshops that take participants through the stages of starting a nonprofit in Minnesota.

Thinking About Starting a Nonprofit? 

It takes time and effort to start a new nonprofit in Minnesota. Following all legal guidelines through the process can be especially difficult if unprepared and not fully informed. Fifteen key steps should be followed in order to successfully start a nonprofit. View key steps now »

Nonprofit Insurance Advisors is a service of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. With an insider's perspective on the scope and scale of the nonprofit sector's insurance needs, Nonprofit Insurance Advisors will go that extra mile for organizations of all sizes. Get a quote »


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Advertising Opportunities

Want to reach Minnesota’s nonprofit sector? You’ve come to the right place! The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) has a variety of options to help you market your products and services to nonprofits that will fit marketing budgets of all sizes.

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Nonprofit Best Practices

With 192 specific guidelines in key areas like governance, human resources, fundraising, and planning, this booklet provides nonprofit board and staff members who are striving for excellence with a tool for evaluating and improving their organizations.

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MCN at the Capitol

MCN's  policy work is focused on informing nonprofits and policymakers about what proposals mean to nonprofits and how nonprofits can serve as a resource to policymakers.

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