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Bite-Sized Learning: Fumbling Forward with Donna Mejia

Monday, April 05, 01:00 PM - Monday, April 05, 2021, 02:00 PM
Monday, April 05, 2021, 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Fee: Free

Join Donna Mejia to explore the idea of “fumbling forward” in difficult conversations around race. The idea of Fumble Forward (originated by Donna Mejia) seeks to promote exchange, and most importantly, hit the pause button on conventional responses such as anger. To keep a space of inquiry open in a charged subject matter, participants will preface their public commentary by saying “I’m about to fumble with my words.” The community responds as a chorus with “Fumble Forward!” It is our social contract to let confusion be a part of our discourse. Fumble Forward allows us to stay open and speak from the heart with diplomacy, even if our voices are trembling and we can’t find confident, stable ground.  

The Bite-Sized Learning events are designed by MCN’s Greater Minnesota team to keep us connected across the state. While the topics are chosen to meet the needs of Greater Minnesota, all are welcome here! Each event will have a short presentation along with plenty of time for networking and discussion on the designated topic. Bring your questions and expertise on the topic! With our cameras and microphones on, we can stay connected, learn, and support one another.

Event Details

The event will be hosted on Zoom. You will need a computer and a phone as a back-up audio method. 

Register for the event on Zoom.

This event will have AI captions via Zoom’s transcription function. Please note that these captions are automatically generated by the computer software and may not always accurately transcribe what is said. If you need professional captioning, or have another accessibility accommodation, please email MCN’s program assistant with your request at least two weeks prior to the start of the event. Although we will attempt to meet all accessibility requests, late request may not be fulfilled.

Speaker Information

Donna Mejia (Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Dance, CU Boulder Theatre and Dance Department) is a choreographer, scholar, instructor, and performer specializing in contemporary dance, traditions of the African and Arab Diaspora, and emerging fusion traditions in Transnational Electronica. This genre provides a rich arena for the study of cultural imperialism, gender representation and electronic/digital globalization. Donna is also an authorized instructor of the Brazilian Silvestre Modern Dance Technique and is a lauded representative of this esoteric study of dance after 30 years of practice.

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