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Succession Planning Re-Imagined

Tuesday, March 16, 02:00 PM - Tuesday, March 16, 2021, 03:30 PM
Tuesday, March 16, 2021, 02:00 PM - 03:30 PM
March 16 & 23
Fee: $60 for MCN members and nonmembers

What does "succession planning" mean in your organization? Nonprofit executives and their boards often react nervously, even negatively, to the idea of leadership succession discussions. And according to BoardSource, 73% of nonprofits don't have a written succession plan.

A change in leadership is always a challenge, and COVID-19 is putting more pressure than ever on nonprofits. Especially now, not having a succession plan creates a huge risk for your organization if there's a sudden vacancy in a key position. But leadership transitions also provide opportunities for growth if your organization has a culture focused on developing the human capital it needs for the future.

Participants of this workshop will:

  • Frame succession planning as essential to your organization's long-term sustainability
  • Outline the essential components of an effective succession plan
  • Present five options for beginning your organization's leadership continuity work
  • Provide specific tools and resources to support that work
  • Empower you to become the champion for succession planning and leadership continuity in your organization
This series is intended for executive directors, senior staff, and board members and officers. Funders and others interested in supporting effective leadership transition also would benefit.

This event series is presented in partnership with Washington Nonprofits.

Course Outline

Part 1: Setting the Stage

This session will frame succession planning as a key aspect of mission success and sustainability, lay a conceptual groundwork for the culture of leadership continuity, and demonstrate that there are multiple options for beginning the leadership continuity process. Participants also will explore the first of those options in detail. After completing this session, you will be equipped to:

  • Understand and discuss the critical need for succession planning in your organization.
  • Identify the essential components of an effective succession plan.
  • Assess your organization's leadership continuity landscape.
  • Facilitate generative discussions about leadership continuity in your organization.

Part 2: Advancing the Succession Culture

This session will examine four additional options for beginning the succession planning process. After completing this session, you will be able to:

  • Assemble an inventory of organizational information critical to smooth operation during a leadership transition.
  • Recommend a board leadership pipeline strategy for your organization.
  • Facilitate board adoption of three essential leadership succession policies.
  • Initiate a generative discussion about HR practices that cultivate talent stewardship.
  • Leverage your organization's strategic plan to advance leadership continuity.


This event will take place over two days, March 16 and 23, from 2-3:30 p.m. Central.


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Speaker Information

Randy Brinson is Third Sector Company's Senior Strategist for Board and Executive Leadership Development. Certified in nonprofit board consulting (BoardSource) and leadership succession planning (Third Sector Company), Randy is a trusted partner in chief executive searches and leads governance trainings, board retreats, and strategic planning activities. He also has interim leadership experience and is passionate about helping organizations build capacity to better serve their missions.

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