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Unpacking the Cultural Iceberg: Looking Deeper into Bias and Cultural Norms - Virtual Training

Tuesday, June 30, 10:00 AM - Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 12:00 PM
Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Fee: $45 for MCN members / $65 for nonmembers

Many of us are familiar with the metaphor comparing culture to an iceberg. We know that we need to look below the surface beyond what we can visually see to learn more about any other person’s beliefs, values, norms, and behaviors. To be truly effective in our work, we must examine our biases and assumptions about our colleagues, constituents, and clients. We must also examine the cultural norms of our workspaces to uncover barriers to equity and belonging.

In this workshop, we will unpack the layers of the cultural iceberg to gain a deeper understanding of how culture shows up in our business and organization, identify how implicit bias affects how we understand and support different cultural identities, and examine how our cultural norms are often based in whiteness and patriarchy.

Speaker Information

Rebecca SlabyRebecca Slaby, executive director, leads AMAZEworks in working with schools, communities, and organizations to create equity and belonging for all. She gives workshops on Anti-Bias Education with a focus on cultural responsiveness, bias, identity, and stereotype threat and has co-authored two AMAZEworks curriculums. With an M.Ed. from DePaul University, she has 15 years of experience teaching middle school humanities/social studies and has worked with schools on issues of equity, inclusion, and justice on institutional, state, and regional levels. She has presented at Overcoming Racism, MEA, NAEYC, MnAEYC, Impact, and Minnesota Council of Nonprofits conferences and teaches courses on equity-based pedagogy at the University of Minnesota.

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