Transforming Business Models and Managing Cash Flow - Fergus Falls

Wednesday, October 23, 09:00 AM - Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 12:00 PM
Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
West Central Initiative
1000 Western Ave.
Fergus FallsMN
Fee: $35 for MCN Members / $59 for nonmembers
This event has been canceled.

Join the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits as we host a half-day training focused on transforming your nonprofit financial management. These expert-led trainings are perfect for anyone looking to advance your nonprofit finances to a higher level.

Part 1: Transforming Business Models
This workshop is designed to illuminate the connection between your mission and your business model. You will learn about the four core components to a nonprofit business model: revenue mix, understanding the cost of effective programs, infrastructure, and capital structure. You will understand how all of these components come together to impact your organization’s health.

Part 2: Managing Cash Flow
While standard nonprofit financial reports – the budget, income statement, and balance sheet – provide important management information, these statements alone do not tell whether there is enough cash on hand to pay for an unexpected heating repair, to take on a new program opportunity, or even to cover payroll next month. For this, effective cash flow management is essential. This workshop will help you anticipate and prepare for the ebb and flow of cash coming in and out of your organization. You will learn how to navigate your nonprofit’s cash flow and how different types of income and expenses impact your finances.

This session is co-sponsored by the FM Area Foundation.
About the Presenter
Phil Hatlie is a senior loan officer and financial specialist at Propel Nonprofits. Phil has spent most of his career in the Minnesota nonprofit sector. Although his degree is in liberal arts, he spent 15 years directing the finances at nonprofits including the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, and HECUA. Phil has been with Propel Nonprofits for more than 10 years as a financial trainer and lender, working with nonprofits in areas ranging from education and social services to the arts to chemical dependency and community health. He treasures the relationships he's been able to form with these nonprofits, and is proud of the work they've been able to accomplish together.

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