Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers - Part 1

Thursday, July 11, 09:00 AM - Thursday, July 11, 2019, 03:30 PM
Thursday, July 11, 2019, 09:00 AM - 03:30 PM
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
2314 University Ave W Ste 20
St. PaulMN
Fee: $129 for MCN members / $169 for nonmembers

Managing people takes time and unique skills. Learn the practical and proven methods of a coaching approach to supervision, management, and leadership in this interactive, skills-practice workshop.

You will gain an introduction to coaching skills that will help you engage and energize staff to take initiative, problem-solve with confidence, and do their best work, while creating all-round better organizational communication.

You'll leave Part 1 ready to start applying the skills right away at work. Plus, this session will set you up for success to build on your coaching practice through the optional Coaching Skills Part 2 workshop.

The course is relevant and useful for executive directors and CEOs, department chairs, program managers, supervisors, and educators.

Learning Objectives

Attendees will learn and practice:

  1. Techniques to master listening at an engaged level
  2. The skill of inquiry to draw forth best thinking from others
  3. Tools to add value to every conversation
  4. The components of a coaching mindset

The training lays the groundwork to help you:

  • Balance instructive and facilitative styles of leadership so that the employee or peer partnership brings better results
  • Determine situations when coaching is appropriate for helping others reach a higher level of performance
  • Use key skills as a foundation for helping others develop better thinking and more task ownership

Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence

This event will address the following best practices:

Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence

  • LEAD 11: Nonprofit leaders should continually develop the skills, knowledge and abilities of others at all levels of the organization to take on greater responsibility for carrying out the organization’s mission and engaging community members.
  • LEAD 16: Nonprofit leaders should demonstrate the behaviors they expect of their colleagues.
  • LEAD 19: Nonprofit leaders should allow for and encourage questions and reflections on the organization’s strategies, effectiveness and ability to change.
  • VOL 13: Nonprofits should structure their volunteer program so that each volunteer has a direct connection with an identified supervisor and receives a level of support and supervision appropriate for their role.
  • VOL 16: Volunteers should receive ongoing performance-related feedback and a formal performance evaluation at a level appropriate to their involvement in the organization. They also should have the opportunity to provide feedback to the organization.

Event Details

Food: Coffee, tea and a light snack will be provided. There will be a lunch break in the middle of the session. You may bring a lunch or purchase one nearby.

Travel: Driving directions and transit options are available on MCN's website.

About the Presenter

Debbie OkerlundDebbie Okerlund is executive coach, trainer and principal of Lead With Agility LLC. She partners with nonprofit executives, managers, and educators to navigate challenges and grow their leadership, designs and facilitates peer-coaching groups, and conducts trainings on coaching skills, transformational communication, and team facilitation. 

Debbie has 25-years’ experience as a leader and manager including 14 years as a nonprofit executive director. She is a certified practitioner in Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches, Peer Coaching Group Facilitation and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. Debbie completed advanced training with the Thomas Leonard Graduate School of Coaching and the Coaches Training Institute, and has a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin.

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