2018 Nonprofit Essentials Conference

Nonprofit Essentials Conference

Your nonprofit works hard – providing services, working in communities, raising funds, coordinating volunteers, and managing finances and daily operations.

Hosted by MCN and the Center for Nonprofit Management at the University of St. Thomas, the Nonprofit Essentials Conference provides a back-to-basics overview of the many management topics essential to nonprofits, and re-focuses staff on the core elements of working and managing nonprofit organizations. This day-long conference will provide you with training to help your organization work smarter!

At this conference, you will find valuable information through an insightful keynote presentation, 20 skill-building breakout sessions and opportunities to build networks with your peers.

You will learn practical tools and information about: fundraising, communications, finance, HR, programs, management, leadership, governance, and more!

2018 Nonprofit Essentials Conference

August 16, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
University of St. Thomas
1000 LaSalle Ave., Minneapolis

Hosted by:

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UST Center for Nonprofit Management

Kris Donnelly

Morning Keynote

Working for Change in Times of Change
Minnesota is currently facing a workforce shortage, education gaps, and wage gaps. Our population is rapidly diversifying. At the same time, we are experiencing polarization in our politics and accelerating rates of change in technology. Can we keep pace? And how do we respond to the changing needs brought on by this constantly shifting environment? The University of St. Thomas responded by launching the Dougherty Family College this past year. It was created as an alternative pathway to a four-year degree for students who otherwise would have limited access due to cost, academic preparedness or lack of necessary supports. 

In this keynote session the presenter draws on her background in the corporate world and shift to nonprofit work to explore the gaps we are facing in our community, our changing demographics and the need for collaboration to create positive and lasting impact. She hopes to promote reflection and dialogue about who we serve and how we serve in our mission-driven vocations and to encourage deeper and collective engagement.