2019 Nonprofit Communications & Technology Conference

nonprofit Communications & Technology Conference

Dot.Org Awards

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Who are the leaders in innovative uses of technology? Which organizations are pioneering new approaches in communications? The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits is proud to present the Dot.Org Awards, recognizing nonprofits who are using technology and communications in inspiring, effective and creative ways.

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Congratulations to the 2019 Dot.Org Award recipients!

Special Olympics Minnesota

Creative Campaign

Special Olympics Minnesota
Person First

Special Olympics Minnesota’s Person First campaign was created as a tool for schools to spread kindness, inclusion, and Person First Language. Person First Language focuses on the person first, not the disability. The Person First campaign is an action-based project that gives schools the opportunity to have conversations with their students about the importance of the words they use, ultimately creating more welcoming and friendly communities for people with disabilities. Participating schools received a kit with a campaign guide, posters, stickers, digital materials with classroom activities, a #SpeakKindness pledge banner, and Speak Kindness t-shirts. Over 60 schools in Minnesota requested and implemented the campaign in its first year. The campaign engaged thousands of students and sparked additional creativity and innovation from educators and students alike. Special Olympics Minnesota plans to expand the campaign and release a business campaign kit for corporations and organizations in the near future.

The Arc Minnesota

Program Delivery

The Arc Minnesota

The Arc Minnesota’s GetSet! project set out to address the issue that teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities aren’t often asked about their goals and dreams. The Arc Minnesota’s Transition Vision program has helped young people and their families plan for the future, and they saw an opportunity to make Transition Vision more widely accessible by turning it into a web-based tool. The result is GetSet!, a welcoming interest inventory tool that uses icons to guide young adults through questions about themselves — their preferences and choices, what skills they have, and who they have in their life to support them. After completing, the online tool generates a colorful personalized map they can share, print, or save. Individuals can use GetSet! on their own, while schools and organizations can register for multiple licenses and invite users to complete the survey at no cost. In addition to English, the tool is available in Spanish, Hmong, and Somali. GetSet! supports inclusion and participation by encouraging people with disabilities to imagine the life they want and proactively identify the support they need.

Summit OIC

Website Redesign - Small Organization

Summit Academy

Summit Academy’s www.saoic.org website redesign worked toward generating a functional, relevant, fast, accessible website for its users. The concept of the new site is based off user experience (UX) design, and was built with the end user in mind. It is intended to be a small site; the idea is to get the visitor to the information they are looking for in less than three clicks. There are also strong search engine optimization components to the site, from accurate meta descriptions to alt tags to strategic schema markup. The images and text on the site are dynamic, so when you scroll down the page it keeps users more engaged. Additional features include quizzes to help gauge prospective students’ interests, and to keep them engaged on the site. After the website launched the results were noticeable. The average time on site shot up from 2:15 to over 3 minutes. The bounce rate was reduced by 40%, conversions went up, and most importantly, potential students are able to find the information they need to move forward with their education.

Project for Pride in Living

Website Redesign - Large Organization

Project for Pride in Living

Project for Pride in Living’s (PPL) www.ppl-inc.org website redesign aimed to build a focused online presence for the organization; one that elevated PPL’s brand and made finding essential information easy for each of their key audiences. With participants, volunteers, and donors in mind, the team created a straight-forward user experience for each audience with research, segmented content, and UX design. The new site includes easy-to-access schedules, success stories, program qualifications, and more prominent calls to action for donations, volunteer opportunities, or housing and class sign-ups. During the redesign, PPL considered how to best represent the needs of the communities they serve; how to remove existing barriers and prevent new barriers on the site; and how the site can help build authentic, inclusive relationships. PPL prioritized participant usability testing, representation in imagery and storytelling, and mobile-friendly design during the process to help elevate community voices. The heart of PPL (pride) is conveyed with stories of participants and the services provided to the community. The head of PPL (results) is conveyed by highlighting PPL’s leadership and programming accomplishments, and emphasizing how each visitor helped make those outcomes possible.

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