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Cooper Law, LLC

825 Nicollet Mall,
Suite 925,
Minneapolis, MN 55402

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Cooper Law offers attorneys that can assist low and middle-income individuals in two areas:

1. Sliding scale legal representation in family law matters; and
2. Representing disabled people applying for or appealing a denial of federal social security disability benefits.

Product Description

Family Law: Over 80% of parties who appear in court for family law matters in Minnesota do not have attorneys. Many because they cannot afford it. Cooper Law, LLC serves people who are not financially eligible for legal aid but cannot afford the high prices charged by typical family law attorneys. We offer sliding scale fees based on income and household make-up in divorce, custody and support matters. We also provide limited scope/unbundled legal services for people who need some assistance with self-representation.

Social Security: We focus on disabled clients who are receiving public benefits or are homeless or on the verge of homelessness. We are a SOAR certified law firm and can assist clients in initial applications, reconsiderations and social security hearings.

Pricing Information

We offer sliding scale fees in family law matters. We have a contract with Minnesota DHS and people who qualify under the contract are represented at no cost.

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Twin Cities Metro Area,



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