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Boyum Barenscheer

3050 Metro Drive, Ste 200,
Bloomington, Minnesota 55425

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Boyum Barenscheer is a Top 20 Metro area CPA firm that appreciates and supports the good work performed by so many nonprofit organizations in our community and we are pleased to have a strong work history with many of them. Serving nonprofits is a long standing and very important part of our practice. Our nonprofit audit team is comprised of experienced staff members that spend the majority of their time in the nonprofit industry and are recognized by our clients to be very easy to work with.

Product Description

Nonprofit organizations typically engage Boyum Barenscheer to perform audits, reviews, agreed upon procedure, tax & accounting or management advisory services as a result of our years of experience in this specialty area.

Pricing Information

Engagements are often on a not-to-exceed quoted fee basis.

Region(s) Served

Central Minnesota, Northeast Minnesota, Northwest Minnesota, Southeast Minnesota, Southwest Minnesota, Twin Cities Metro Area,

Our Clients

We Serve...
Arts, Cultural Organizations, Social Clubs, Faith Based Organizations, Sports & Recreation, Foundations, Social Services, Health & Welfare, Trade Associations, Membership Organizations and Parochial, Private & Alternative Schools


Nonprofit organizations operate with lean budgets, hard-working staff and volunteers and mission driven activities that require all of the resources available to them. Boyum Barenscheer’s nonprofit team partners with our clients to help improve their financial management, streamline business processes, manage compliance and build a bright future. In addition to working with nonprofit organizations, Boyum Barenscheer and its staff members support numerous nonprofit organizations in the community by volunteering their time or by giving financially.


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