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Triangle Park Creative

2388 University Ave. W,
1st Floor at CoCreatz Coworking,
Saint Paul, MN 55114

Company Description

Thanks for working toward a more fair and sustainable world. So much to do! We're here to help with impassioned design.
Simply put, our creative brief is design for a better world.

For more than thirty years we have helped our nonprofit, co-op, and socially responsible colleagues make the world more socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable by providing inspired identity, print, and web design services. Besides providing graphic design services, we invested in our communities by publishing six neighborhood newspapers at cost (and less), published the national food co-op's trade magazine and information network, served on several nonprofit boards, donated & discounted countless hours of time to projects, and made our space a community resource.

At Triangle Park Creative, you will find designers impassioned by your work and skilled to help you make a difference.

Come visit us at, a new coworking space we are helping to develop at the corner of Raymond & University in Saint Paul. Just a block away from MCN.

Product Description

Our services are primarily print, web, and brand identity design. We believe we can offer our clients extraordinary value for the money, and a special kind of working relationship.

We also have a nice digital printer that can do short runs of projects you may be taking to FedEx or OfficeMax for about 1/2 the cost.

Pricing Information

We bid projects based on a rate of about $100 per hour.

Region(s) Served

Central Minnesota, Nationwide, Northeast Minnesota, Northwest Minnesota, Southeast Minnesota, Southwest Minnesota, Twin Cities Metro Area,

Our Clients

A Chance to Grow
ACE: Association of Cooperative Educators
ADC - African Development Center
Adler Graduate School
AFSCME Minnesota Council 5
Arts Midwest
Atticus Law Cooperative
Beacon Foundation
Butler Family Foundation
CCCD: CA Center for Co-op Development
CDS - Cooperative Development Services
CDS Consulting Co-op
CEED, University of MN
CEIM: Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota
Cooperative Grocers Network
Child Care Aware - MN CCR&R
CLIC: Cooperating Libraries in Consortium
Coastal Seafoods
CPED - Mpls. Community Planning & Econ. Develop.
DADS Make a Difference
Eastside Food Co-op
Edgework Builders
Eureka Recycling
Flatbush Food Co-op
Friends of the Mississippi
Great Plains Institute
Grotto Foundation
Headwaters Foundation
Hi-Lo Manufacturing
Hope Community
Hour Car - NEC
Improve Group
IOCP - Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners
Jewish Community Action
Just Local Food
Kaplan Early Learning Co - Ostendorf
Karen Meyer
Kenneth Waters - U of Calgury
KFAI Radio
LocalFolks Foods
Lottsa Financial Services
MCEE: MN Council of Economic Education
MCEF: MN Coopertive Education Foundation
McKnight Foundation
MCPS: MN Center for Philosophy of Science
Metro Meals on Wheels
Midwest Food Connection
Midwest Kidney Network
Mill City Music
Minneapolis Foundation
Mississippi Market
MLC - Minnesota Literacy Council
MN Cooperative Education Foundation
MN International NGO
MNABE-Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning
Midwest Regional Arts Council
MSFF: Minnesota State Fair Foundation
MYS - Minnesota Youth Symphonies
Nawayee Center School
NCF: Northcountry Cooperative Foundation
New Boundary Technologies
Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
PIE - Phillips Indian Educators
Prepare & Prosper = Accountability
Minneapolis Saint Paul Home Tour
Midwest Kidney Network
River Market Co-op
Riverton Community Housing
Saint Paul Audubon Society
Seward Co-op
Seward Redesign
Shared Capital - NCDF
St. Therese Home, Inc.
TCMA - Twin Cities Media Alliance
Terraluna Collabortive
The Data Bank
The Loft Literary Center
Three Rivers Community Action
ThreeSixty Jounalism
Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation/
University of Calgary
Vail Place
Voices for Racial Justice - OAP
Walk-In Counseling Center
WEI: Women's Environmental Institute

Nonprofit Type

We work best with medium-sized nonprofits with realistic budgets that we can stretch.


Our designers have more than 30 years of experience with all kinds of clients -- from Fortune 500 to the less fortunate -- and our body of work shows the quality of our skills.



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Dan Nordley
Chief Park Ranger
MCN Member Since

Nov 2007

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All sizes -- mostly small to medium.

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