Warsame Warsame

VISTA Program Manager


Wooseok Song

Warsame Warsame is the VISTA Program Manager at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. In his dual role, Warsame serves as a liaison between MCN’s main office and nonprofits in the Central Minnesota region. He also serves as a VISTA coordinator, where he collaborates with MCN’s VISTA Program Manager on strategic initiatives, host site and member recruitment, as well as cohort management in the Saint Cloud area.

Prior to joining MCN, Warsame worked as a program coordinator in the Twin cities region, where he assisted in the development and implementation of a community based behavioral health service, focused on the diaspora communities with lingering war trauma.

Warsame’s professional experience also includes NGO work in the East African region, where he a played pivotal role in the reduction of poverty and vulnerability, among marginalized and minority communities by empowering them to sustainably utilize and manage their natural resources, while protecting their assets and attaining sustainable livelihoods.

Warsame holds an M.P.A from Saint Cloud State University with a concentration in Nonprofit leadership and management and a B.A. in Economics with a minor in Political Science from Winona State University. His passion to serve and contribute to the nonprofit sector stems from his belief that nonprofits are efficient gap-fillers especially when the private and government sector fail to address the diverse needs of communities.