Jon Pratt

Executive Director


Jon Pratt
Jon Pratt is the executive director of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. He has worked at Minnesota Public Interest Research Group as an attorney and lobbyist, as regional director at the Youth Project, and as director for the Philanthropy Project. In 1982 he was campaign manager for Paul Wellstone candidacy for Minnesota State Auditor.

In 1987 he became director of MCN, an association of 2,000 organizations that sponsors research, training, lobbying and negotiated discounts to strengthen Minnesota's nonprofit sector.

Jon has consulted with nongovernmental organizations on the development of NGO associations and services in Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia and Turkey. He has a law degree from Antioch School of Law, and an M.P.A. from Harvard University.

Book Chapters Authored or Co-Authored

  • Philanthropy and the Nonprofit Sector in a Changing America, Chapter: The Case of Minnesota, Institutionalizing the Public Spirit, Columbia University Press/Indiana University Press (1999).
  • Critical Issues in Fund Raising, Chapter: Bowling Together: Fund Raising Practices and Civic Engagement, John Wiley & Sons (1997).
  • The Grass Roots Fundraising Book, Chapter: Payroll Deduction Fundraising, in Contemporary Books (1995).
  • State By State: An Organizing Manual for State Associations of Nonprofit Organizations; A Step-by-Step Organizing Manual for Creating an Association of Nonprofits, National Council of Nonprofit Associations (1994). Also translated and published in Warsaw, Poland and Budapest, Hungary.
  • Handbook on Corporate Grantmaking, What You Should Know About Today's Grantseekers, published by Jossey-Bass Inc./Council on Foundations (1990).
  • Manna from Earth? Earned Income for Nonprofits, in The Grantseekers Guide, National Network of Grantmakers (1989)

Research Reports Authored or Co-Authored

  • Minnesota Nonprofit Economy Report; Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, with MCN research staff (comprehensive annual economic performance analyses, 1995 - present).
  • Minnesota Philanthropy: Grants and Beneficiaries, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits in cooperation with the Aspen Institute Nonprofit Sector Research Fund; with Catherine Valesquez Eberhart (1993).
  • Minnesota Charitable Bequest Study, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits in cooperation with the University of Indiana Center on Philanthropy; with Catherine Velasquez Eberhart (1992).
  • Minnesota Philanthropy and Disadvantaged People, the Philanthropy Project, Minneapolis, MN; research reports with Rosang√©lica Aburto and Frederick Smith (1984, 1985, 1986, 1989).

Selected Articles from Nonprofit Quarterly Authored or Co-Authored

  • Dark and Light Matters in the Nonprofit Universe (Spring 2007)
  • Financial Independence: Six Approaches (Fall 2006)
  • Financial Strategy Tools: Cohort Analysis (Spring 2006)
  • Analyzing the Dynamics of Funding: Reliability and Autonomy (Winter 2005).
  • More Money for More Organizations (But Maybe Not for Yours) (Summer 2005).
  • How Did We Get Here: The Regulatory Framework 2005 (Regulatory Issue, 2005).
  • The Future of the Nonprofit Infrastructure (Infrastructure Issue, 2004).
  • Who Is Robert, and Why'd He Make the Rules? (Fall 2003).
  • The Nonprofit Sector's Downward Slope: How Steep and How Long? (Summer 2003).
  • Navigating PILOTs: Increased Pressure for "Voluntary" Nonprofit Tax Payments (with Abby Levine; Summer 2002).
  • Nonprofits as Network Organizations (Summer 2001).

Additional Articles Authored or Co-Authored

  • Dynamics of Corporate Philanthropy in Minnesota, Daedalus Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (with Edson Spencer, Summer 2000).
  • Underpaid and Easy Picking, Foundation News (with Sondra Reis, January 1999).
  • Changing Patterns of Grantmaking: The Philanthropy Project in Retrospect, CURA Reporter (March 1987).
  • When Corporate Philanthropy is not Charity, Foundation News (September/October 1986).