J Nguyen

Equity and Justice VISTA

Michelle Chang

J Nguyen is MCN’s Equity and Justice Coordinator VISTA. In their role, they work interdepartmentally to support MCN’s equity and justice work through research and capacity building. Their work has included laying down groundwork to begin disaggregating MCN’s research based on geography, with a focus on greater MN and rural communities, and race and ethnicity, with an emphasis on BIPOC-led and serving nonprofits. They are also co-facilitating MCN's Equity and Justice Committee this service year!

J has experience in community organizing around gender and reproductive justice within the Queer Asian community. They’re really excited to be able to apply their knowledge of grassroots organizing to their work at MCN. When they’re not working on the preservation of their community, they can be found curating moody alternative R&B and political rap playlists, pampering their plethora of houseplants, and (re)discovering traditional Vietnamese food.