Abimael Chavez-Hernandez 

Minnesota Budget Project Policy Fellow


Wooseok Song

Abimael Chavez-Hernandez is a Policy Fellow with the Minnesota Budget Project. He researches the equity impacts of budget and tax policies to work towards a state where everyone can thrive.

His professional background includes municipal government legislative research support, census outreach, civic engagement reform, corporate racial equity, and public lands management. Additionally, Abimael holds an MPP from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. He is excited to be a fellow with the Minnesota Budget Project because as a recipient of governmental aid in his youth he understands well the positive impacts well-designed public spending can have on many vulnerable communities. In his work he seeks to uplift the voices of these communities to co-create budgets and programs which drive equitable and sustainable growth.

When not advocating for equitable budget policies, Abimael likes to: hike; explore new cities and urban landscapes; spend time with family and friends; watch independent films; visit local coffee shops; taste different cuisines; and learn about international democratic processes.