Regional Chapters

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) maintains regional offices to provide locally-based opportunities to build the sector’s capacity and strengthen its effectiveness. Through its regional presence in Greater Minnesota, MCN amplifies its mission by offering educational training, hosting peer-learning opportunities, and connecting nonprofits to the resources offered through MCN's statewide network.

MCN's regional coordinators are part-time staff who live and work in our Greater Minnesota communities. Regional coordinators act as local points of contact to the rest of MCN's staff and resources. If you're one of MCN's Greater Minnesota nonprofit members, feel free to connect with the regional coordinator nearest to you or connect with any of the MCN staff in our St. Paul office. Our work is to help you and your organization increase effectiveness. Together, we're building a stronger Minnesota.

MCN Regional Chapters

To learn more about what is happening in your region, click the corresponding region link or the clickable map below to get started.


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