About The Nonprofit SpeciaLIST

Welcome to The Nonprofit SpeciaLIST!

Designed with nonprofits in mind, The Nonprofit SpeciaLIST contains detailed profiles for over 190 service providers (and counting), making it the ideal first stop for any organization in need of expert products or services tailored to the specific needs of nonprofits. 

Whether a nonprofit is looking for assistance with accounting, payroll, insurance, grantwriting, communications, web design or a wide array of other service areas, The Nonprofit SpeciaLIST is the place to begin the search for the service provider that best fits an organization's unique needs and budget.

What types of service providers can be found on The Nonprofit SpeciaLIST?
Whatever the product or service a nonprofit needs, there's a good chance they will find a solution on The Nonprofit SpeciaLIST. From accounting, legal or insurance services to tech support, strategic planning or communications consulting, this interactive directory allows organizations to search for vendors from over 40 product and service categories.

How does The Nonprofit SpeciaLIST differ from MCN's Nonprofit Yellow Pages?
The Nonprofit SpeciaLIST takes MCN's old Nonprofit Yellow Pages and goes a few steps further! Aside from having access to more robust and descriptive listings, nonprofits will now have the option of providing a rating and/or review of a service provider with whom they've worked in the past. This feedback helps make The Nonprofit SpeciaLIST a resource truly shaped by the experiences of nonprofits.

How do nonprofits provide vendor ratings/reviews on The Nonprofit SpeciaLIST?
All visitors with an MCN website login can provide a rating and/or review of a service providerwith whom they've interacted. Simply login to the MCN website, visit The Nonprofit SpeciaLIST tab (on the top of the homepage), find a vendor you'd like to rate/review, and provide your feedback. Those without a current MCN login ID can create one at any time by visiting the MCN homepage and creating a new account in the yellow "Individual Login" box.

To learn more about placing a listing in the Nonprofit SpeciaLIST, visit place a listing or e-mail John Wurm, MCN marketing manager at jwurm@minnesotanonprofits.org.

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