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Because nonprofit organizations have critical information about their communities that can help legislators make informed decisions, MCN created the Minnesota "Speaks Up" Campaign to connect nonprofits to their elected officials.  A primary goal of the effort was to educate legislators about the dire budget deficit and its possible affects on the nonprofits and Minnesota’s communities.

The 2011 Minnesota “Speaks Up” Campaign had a specific timeline from March to early May and asked nonprofits to schedule in-district meetings with state representative and senator at their offices.  If groups did not have resources to do a meeting they were asked to speak up in a different way such as writing a letter, calling their legislators or writing LTE’s.  Multiple trainings and a toolkit were offered on how to be effective during legislator visits.  

MCN heard from more than 240 nonprofits that spoke up in various ways. 191 met in person with legislators at their offices, the Capitol or some other forum.  108 indicated that they were going to hold meetings at their facilities.  About 10% had a face to face meeting with their legislators either in their offices, at the Capitol or another forum, while about 6% indicated they were going to meet with their legislator at their offices. 

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