How to Post a Job Opening for Nonmembers


  • Click on the navigation link (at the top of the screen) titled "Nonprofit Job Board" and then click on "Post a Job Opening" at the left-hand side of the screen.
  • From this page, click on “Post a job” which is placed under the heading “Nonmembers.” This will bring you to the pre-formatted posting page where you can input position information.
  • Enter your posting information in the fields provided.

Once you have submitted the completed posting, you will receive a posting confirmation email. From this email there is a payment link – job postings for nonmembers are $159.00 per posting. Once payment has been processed your posting will go online and you will receive a second confirmation email that will contain a posting edit link. 

Nonmember job postings can stay live on the job board for a maximum of 60 days.

Editing and Removing Job Postings

When you submit a job posting, there will be a link in your posting confirmation email that will bring you to your posting and allow you to make edits. Please be sure you are logged in to the website FIRST before clicking this edit link, otherwise you will receive an error message. From this page, you can apply your changes and hit "Submit" at the bottom of the screen.

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