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Nonprofit Job Seeker Guide

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits developed a handbook that specifically addresses the nonprofit sector as an employer both nationally and in the state of Minnesota. This Job Seeker Guide includes details on:

  • the size and scope of the nonprofit sector
  • differences between nonprofit jobs and other jobs
  • what it is like to work for a nonprofit organization
  • salaries and benefits in the nonprofit sector
  • tips on finding a job in the nonprofit sector
  • other resources available for nonprofit job seekers

Online Resources

Several institutions offer job postings on their own organization’s website. Internal job boards have become increasingly popular, especially among larger nonprofits with many positions to fill.

American Red Cross Minnesota Science Museum
Catholic Charities Minnesota Workforce Center
City of Minneapolis Phoenix Alternatives
City of Saint Paul Ramsey County
Clay County Job Service
St. Catherine University
Dakota County UMW HERC
Hamline University University of Saint Thomas
Hennepin County University of Minnesota
HIRED State of Minnesota
Mayo Clinic Walker Art Center
Minneapolis Public Housing Authority Wilder Foundation
Minnesota Historical Society


Periodicals with Job Announcements

Several newspapers regularly contain postings for nonprofit jobs. Larger nonprofit organizations tend to advertise in the daily papers more frequently. The smaller community-based papers may have postings from small nonprofits because the space is more affordable, it is part of an equal opportunity employment plan, or these papers are read by an audience which is attracted to employment in nonprofits. The community papers are distributed free in a variety of locations, including libraries, restaurants, and community centers. Employment postings are also available on each periodical’s website. 

Public Libraries

Public libraries should not be overlooked as a resource for you in your job search. Five libraries in the state (Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth, and at Southwest State University in Marshall) have Foundation Center Collections which hold documents related to fundraising, and many other publications pertaining to the nonprofit sector. Libraries also contain other job search and career planning materials.

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