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41 Tribute Ave,
Hudson , Wisconsin 54016

Company Phone: 612-850-0023

Company Email: william.alms@almscreative.com

Company Website: https://www.almscreative.com/

Region Served: Nationwide, Statewide Minnesota, Southwest Minnesota, Northwest Minnesota, Twin Cities Metro Area, Central Minnesota, Southeast Minnesota, Northeast Minnesota

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William Alms
Producer and Owner

Categories: Marketing & Communications Consultants, Video Production

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Member Since: April 2017

Member Level: Advocate Level

Typical Size Served: all sizes served

Nonprofit Type: Video production agency dedicated to assisting nonprofits raise funds, engage donors, and create mission awareness through cost-effective video.


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posted on 04/06/2017 by Rikki Starich
Product or Service Received: Alms Creative created multiple employee campaign videos for us, both with a unique story to tell and clear call to action.
Reviewer's Budget Size: $1-3 million
Reviewer's Region: Nationwide
Experience: Our biggest challenge with videos in the past has been balancing the need to maintain our organizational brand while also telling a compelling story that fit our fundraising initiatives. Bill did an incredible job of doing both. He worked with us to help identify our goals and coordinated with our organization's corporate communication team to also address their concerns. The videos resulted in increased donations and "buzz" about the campaign!

Thank you for the kind review. It was exciting for us to help you increase donations and a pure pleasure to bring more awareness to your campaign! We can't wait to produce more videos with you.
answered by Dear Rikki,

posted on 04/06/2017 by Robert Haws
Product or Service Received: Alms Creative produced an amazing group of videos to improve awareness of a rare disease called Bardet-Biedl syndrome. We have a health information registry for this condition and Alms Creative produced a phenomenal video.
Reviewer's Budget Size:
Experience: The Alms Creative company was extremely responsive to each of our concerns. They learned what our needs were and then went out an produced perhaps the best video I have ever seen discussing rare diseases.

Your review is humbling, thank you so much. Producing videos to bring more attention to Bardet-Biedl syndrome was an honor. We believe increased research comes from a greater awareness which leads to enhancing the lives of everyone touched by this rare disease. It was a privilege to work with you on these videos.
answered by Dear Robert,

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