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8014 Olson Memorial Hwy #164,
Minneapolis, MN 55427

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Region Served: Twin Cities Metro Area, Central Minnesota, Southeast Minnesota, Northeast Minnesota

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WORKING WHERE PROCESSES AND SYSTEMS INTERACT WITH PEOPLE. Achieve Purpose works in true partnership to help attain a higher level of individual and organizational awareness and performance; to achieve their purpose. In the midst of our ever changing and sometimes hectic life, having perspective can be difficult and challenging. Achieve Purpose helps clients move beyond self-limiting concepts and behaviors and helps break through layers, clarify vision, beliefs, and values, and stretches ones capacity. It helps understand processes and strategies, to clarify actions, and make effective decisions. The focus is on integrity, honesty, accountability, communication, and achievement. Achieve Purpose will help identify the most pressing issues, question assumptions, align actions, and evaluate progress. An engaged and effective individual is more adept at making better decisions, is balanced, identifies and adapts to changing environments, takes effective action, and is more productive.

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WORKING WHERE PROCESSES AND SYSTEMS INTERACT WITH PEOPLE. Project Management- AP analyzes, develops, implements and monitors processes and systems. Organizational Strategies - AP supports vision, provides perspective and implements strategies to achieve the vision. Clarity of direction and purpose is critical to success. Leadership Development - AP advises individuals and organizations on how to align, understand, implement, and achieve their objectives.

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Chris Winter

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