Templates and Samples

The following are templates and samples of forms and policies commonly requested from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN). They should not be construed as legal counsel. For more detailed legal information, become a member of MCN to access the Nonprofit Legal Handbook, or find a consultant listed in the Nonprofit Yellow Pages.

Please note that the terms "sample" and "template" have different definitions and may affect the way in which you use the following resources. MCN defines "sample" as an example of how an organization may create and implement a policy or procedure specifically to that organization's needs. "Samples' should be used as a guideline, but may need alterations and additions depending on the organization. MCN defines "template" as a standard pattern that organizations can replicate for their own uses with only minor additions of organization name, address, contacts and other information that is not standard from nonprofit to nonprofit.

If if you have any questions on the appropriate use of MCN's samples and templates, please contact us at info@minnesotanonprofits.org or 651-642-1904.





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