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Our values and our definitions of equity, inclusion, and diversity propel us to be thoughtful of the way we support and strengthen our thriving community. One tool that we use is this Minnesota POCI (and FTW) vendors list. This was made for and continuously updated by community members such as Anneka K. and other folks who have contributed to this growing list. 


Toolkits + One-pagers

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Toolkit - The Charities Review toolkit is an affordable, organization focused, self-administered assessment for organizations who wish to build a more effective and reflection organizations from the inside out.

Gender Pronouns: how tos, making mistakes, and taking an active role -  Creating a culture where folks can use and share their gender pronouns is part of MCN’s initiative for creating an inclusive and equitable environment for our staff, members, and community. View our one-pager for more information.

Racial Equity Toolkit – A toolkit published by the Government Alliance on Race and Equity, a national network of government working to achieve racial equity and advance opportunities for all.

Racial Equity Action Plan – A how to manual on advancing racial equity in organizations.

Racial Equity Action Plan Examples - Selected examples describing various frameworks to initiate or advance racial equity.

Systems Change – A guide to what it is and how to do it.


External Links

Everyday Democracy Resources for Changemakers – Online resources from discussion guides, to reports, and more.

POC Online Classroom - A large online directory of resources by and for people of color.

Race to Lead: Confronting the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap – To understand the causes of the racial disparity in nonprofit leadership, the Building Movement Project conducted the Nonprofits, Leadership, and Race survey with over 4,000 respondents. Click on the link to read more.


People of Color and Indigenous Centered Networks

African American Leadership Forum - A space for African Americans to create a shared agenda for solving community's critical issues.

Board Repair - An independent network by and for people of color to create a more effective nonprofit sector by increasing people of color on board and committees in the Twin Cities

Coalition of Asian American Leaders - A network of almost 1,500 leaders that are focused on harnessing collective power to improve the lives of community by connecting, learning, and acting together. 

LOCUS - Website with resources for POCI nonprofit leaders. Join the LOCUS group on Facebook for more connections and opportunities!

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