Community-Based Media

The Circle

The Circle is dedicated to presenting news from a Native American perspective, while granting an equal opportunity to community voices. It encourages the submission of Letters to the Editor. Newspaper is delivered and it can be picked up at Minneapolis/St Paul locations.

Insight News

Insight News started in 1974 as a color-cover magazine serving African Americans in Minneapolis. Al McFarlane turned it into a community newspaper free to its readers in 1976. Insight News is delivered to the door step. It also has newsstand presence in communities that mainstream newspapers do not penetrate, including North Minneapolis, South Minneapolis, and St Paul. Member of MMMC, MBPCI, and NNPA.

Asian American Press

Asian American Press is the first Asian American publication in Minnesota. It is the only weekly Asian American newspaper to deliver timely news and information in Minnesota. Asian American Press serves as the cultural bridge between mainstream and Asian cultures. It celebrates Asian American cultures and their importance to Minnesota and the greater Midwest. It also serves as a medium for business opportunities between Asians and other people.

Hmong Pages

Hmong Pages is a monthly news magazine that serves as a source for the Hmong communities and businesses.

Hmong Times Newspaper

Hmong Times is a quality newspaper for the Hmong community published every other Wednesday. Hmong times Newspaper provides valuable information for the Hmong community, the tools to promote togetherness in the Hmong community, and among others, the means for businesses, schools and organizations to make a connection with the Hmong community.

China Insight

China Insight is the only English-language American newspaper to focus exclusively on connections between the United States and People's Republic of China (PRC). It is published monthly with an emphasis on fostering U.S.-China cultural and business harmony.

Spokesman Recorder

The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder is the oldest minority owned business in the state of Minnesota. Established in August 1934 by Cecil E. Newman, the Spokesman-Recorder today remains a family-run newspaper company that is African American and woman-owned, led by CEO/Publisher, Tracey Williams-Dillard, granddaughter to Mr. Newman.

Mshale Newspaper

Mshale is a newspaper for African immigrants in the Americas. Founded in 1995 in Minneapolis, Minnesota,  Mshale Newspaper has been the voice of the African immigrant community in the United States. Using an aspirational editorial tone, Mshale has over the years highlighted both the successes and challenges of the African immigrant community in the Americas.

One Nation News

One Nation News is published by Black Heart, Inc., which is the only multicultural media company in Minnesota. Their target populations are African Americans, African expatriates, Hispanics, Asians and American Indians, mixed race individuals and families.


If you know of other media that should be included on this page, please send a brief description of the media and contact information to Paul Vliem at

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