Safety at Events for Families and Children

by the Nonprofit Risk Management Center

When your nonprofit is planning a special event, the inherent risks may be completely different from the nonprofit’s day-to-day activities. Nonprofit leaders should exercise care when planning any off-site event, especially those that include employees’ families. Every effort must be made to plan events that are safe for all ages. Strenuous outdoor games and outdoor venues where there is no shelter from the sun should be avoided. The possibility of a child becoming separated from the group and harmed through accidental or intentional conduct must be considered.

Consider the practical steps you can take to prevent harm from occurring at your special events. In planning the event, the organization should create an environment where the events are age-appropriate and physically safe for kids of all ages. The nonprofit should make sure that there are first-aid supplies on hand, including a bee sting kit, as well as extra ice, plastic bags and a cell phone. The program could incorporate a buddy system, require the presence of two adults for any activities that involve young children and plan for all activities that involve young children to be conducted in open or visible areas. If the nonprofit is renting space for its event, the rental agreement should specify which entity’s insurance coverage, the nonprofit’s or the host’s, is responsible for injuries or accidents resulting from unsafe conditions. Have fun, but be safe!


This article was written by the Nonprofit Risk Management Center (NRMC). NRMC is a MCN partner and provides training, technical assistance and informational resources for controlling risks that threaten a nonprofit’s ability to accomplish its mission. For more information about all of MCN’s partners and discount programs for members, visit Cost Saving Programs for MCN Members.

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