Sector Research

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits regularly studies nonprofit sector trends and conducts research on cultural nonprofits to better understand the state’s sector. This research also provides nonprofits and the general public with accurate and timely information about key issues of common interest to build healthy organizations and a healthy nonprofit sector.


2018 Minnesota CFO Report
The 2018 Minnesota Nonprofit Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Report summarizes key findings from a survey designed to provide an overview of the financial practices, staffing, leadership, and outlook for Minnesota nonprofit organizations.

Minnesota Nonprofit Economy Report


Minnesota Nonprofit Economy Report
An annual analysis of public data on nonprofit finances, employment and wages that showcases the impact of nonprofits on the state’s economy.

 Nonprofit Current Conditions Report

Nonprofit Current Conditions Report

A timely analysis of a survey of nonprofits' current economic opportunities and threats to better understand the impact of the economic recession on Minnesota’s nonprofit sector in real time.

Social Media Evaluation Survey Report Social Media Evaluation Survey
A practical survey of how nonprofits are using social media and evaluating their effectiveness in using social media tools.


Nonprofit Capacity Building Analysis 
May 2007 - An analysis on the emphasis on capacity-building services for nonprofits nationwide and the need for better information on support services for the sector.

Minnesota Futures Fund Final Report
March 2000 -
The Minnesota Futures Fund was created in 1995 with the central goal of enabling nonprofit organizations -- through the use of a $2 million pooled fund -- to explore new approaches to providing effective services in the context of the major public policy changes affecting their constituents and their own organizations. Facing the Future is a final report detailing the results of the Minnesota Futures Fund initiative and presenting a summary of the evaluation process. 

Cultural Nonprofit Reports

Native American Nonprofit Economy Report
March 2013 - The Native American Nonprofit Economy Report is designed to provide an overview of an important part of Minnesota’s nonprofit sector, and to identify trends and challenges facing these organizations and the people they serve.

Latino Nonprofit Economy Reports
March 2010 -
An overview of the size and scope of nonprofit organizations that serve the Latino community in Minnesota.

African Nonprofit Report
2007 -
Investigates the scope and impact of African-led nonprofit organizations in Minnesota whose primary mission is to serve African immigrants, refugees and asylees.

Asian Pacific Islander Nonprofit Report
2006 -
An overview of nonprofit organizations led by and serving Minnesota's Asian Pacific Islander communities.


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