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Last updated 7.18.18

  • Heather Allen, Central Minnesota Arts Board
  • Anne Bashaw-Meyer, Recovery Is Happening
  • George Beck, Minnesota Citizens for Clean Elections
  • Jason Beckman, SOAR Career Solutions
  • Anne Casey, Music Association of Minnetonka
  • Betty Christensen, Minnesota River Area Agency on Aging
  • Mari Claire Dart, STEP
  • Erin De La Costa, Ordway Center for the Performing Arts
  • Kristin Dooley, Women Against Military Madness
  • Tami Dorenkamper, Minnesota River Area Agency on Aging
  • Nannette Driver-Ruiz, Species360
  • Stefan Dudziak, ResourceWest
  • Maria Ferguson, Page Education Foundation
  • Tammy Filippi, Sourcewell
  • Sherri Green, Metropolitan Alliance of Connected Communities (MACC)
  • Taylor Holm, Community Partners Two Harbors Living at Home Block Nurse Program
  • Christina Holmgren, University of St. Thomas
  • Steven Howard, WACOSA
  • Tiffany Hunsley, Recovery Is Happening
  • Caroline Larson, Support Within Reach
  • Jackie Larson, The Phoenix Residence, Inc.
  • Leslie LeCuyer, Central Minnesota Arts Board
  • Darryl Lindsey, Appetite For Change
  • Scott Louder, Emerge Community Development
  • Sherrie Marcy, Minnesota Citizens for Clean Elections
  • Katrina Meyer, Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance
  • David Miller, Minnesota Citizens for Clean Elections
  • Koa Mirai, Propel Nonprofits
  • Sophia Myers-Kelley, Women Against Military Madness
  • Ronald Oleheiser, Grace House of Itasca County
  • Carrie Peterson, WACOSA
  • Kirsten Peterson, International Association of Business Communicators
  • Tasha Powell, Appetite For Change
  • Sheryl Raygor, Community Shares of Minnesota
  • Dan Ruth, Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry
  • Stephanie Schaefer, WACOSA
  • Samantha Schoen, Rise, Inc.
  • Bettie Seitzer, Women's Drum Center
  • Lonnie Skrentner, Minnesota Citizens for Clean Elections
  • Chrissy Snider, Minnesota Youth Ski League
  • Ryan Stopera, PRG, Inc.
  • Rachel Thompson, Species360
  • Cha Vang, Page Education Foundation
  • Lynn Welle, WACOSA
  • Alyssa Woods, Tergar International

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August 16, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
University of St. Thomas
1000 LaSalle Ave., Minneapolis


Minnesota Council of Nonprofits