Accessible Space at MCN Offices

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of our move into our new office space, we’d like to highlight the intentional thoughts that were put into creating an accessible space for MCN staff, members, and community partners.

The new office space features a range of carefully thought out amenities. Our office is on the second floor of the building, which is accessible by elevator. The building’s front door and MCN’s main office door are automated for all who come through. MCN’s front desk is ADA accessible. All of our room and office signs include Braille. Our conference rooms have bariatric chairs available. MCN has an all gender restroom and a wellness room for nursing parents and prayer.

MCN affirms, values, and welcomes all. We have taken intentional steps to ensure that all folks will be able to move about safely and easily to make full use of our facilities. We are committed to creating space in order to optimize everyone’s experience at MCN.

MCN is dedicated to advancing diversity, inclusion, and equity by enhancing and improving intercultural competency, intentionally creating inclusive spaces, and, working to address disparities in power, money, access, and resources within the nonprofit sector. MCN focuses on four areas: race, geography, accessibility, and socioeconomic status.

There are many more moving pieces within MCN with regards to our inclusion and equity work that we look forward to sharing along our journey. We come to the table grounded in an authentic, vulnerable, and transparent dialogue. We are taking action as we envision a vibrant interconnected community.

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