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November 6, 2017
Minnesota’s Federal Delegation

Dear Member of Congress,
We are writing with concerns about tax and budget policy issues being discussed right now in Congress. The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN), along with [INSERT # of organizations], supports building a prosperous future for all. Therefore, we support a tax code that raises the revenues required to support essential programs and make long-term investments in our communities, that shares the responsibility for funding public services equitably, and values the important partnership between nonprofits and government.
We write with concern that these priorities are missing from the current tax and budget discussions. In fact, what’s on the table will require the federal government to provide less funding for programs essential to our communities, often times carried out by nonprofit organizations across the country, and would dramatically lessen federal investments that help everyday Minnesotans make ends meet and get ahead. Tax plans that would dramatically increase deficits would set in motion deeper cuts in services in future years.
We believe that these proposals undermine our shared prosperity by:
  • Making deep cuts to affordable health care through Medicare and Medicaid, and cutting other essential entitlements that boost incomes and help families put food on the table and a roof over their heads;
  • Reducing spending in vital programs like housing, education, transportation, arts and sciences, and other investments in the nation’s economy;
  • Adding to deficits, which would likely force more cuts to programs that help Minnesotans and communities thrive;
  • Shifting more responsibility for funding critical public services to low- and modest-income families; and
  • Changing the tax code in ways that undermine the strength of the nonprofit sector, including reducing tax incentives for charitable giving and undermining the guarantee of nonpartisanship.

We ask that as you continue to work on taxes, you focus your proposals to:

  • Ensure that any tax cuts are paid for by closing tax loopholes or other responsible tax changes, in order to maintain necessary revenue to fund programs that serve our communities;
  • Advance tax policies that invest in everyday Minnesotans and their families, rather than providing large tax cuts for those with the highest incomes and profitable businesses;
  • Strengthen the nonprofit sector by maintaining existing incentives for charitable giving and expanding the charitable deduction to all taxpayers, not just those who itemize; and
  • Protect the long tradition of nonpartisanship in 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations by preserving the Johnson Amendment.

We believe that with legislation that reflects these values, we can work together to build thriving communities on a strong foundation that comes from investment and partnership.
Thank you very much for your past and continuing partnership as we work together to serve the communities of Minnesota. We appreciate your consideration of our concerns as you develop tax and budget legislation. If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Lucero, public policy director at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits at 651-757-3070 or
Jon Pratt
Executive Director
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
Rebecca Lucero
Public Policy Director
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
On behalf of the following organizations:

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