Payment in Lieu of Taxes in St. Paul?

MCN was proud to have a seat on a task force convened by the Citizens League and represent the nonprofit sector in answering the question of how the City of St Paul and the tax-exempt community can build a stronger relationship, along with 22 other members representing community members, business owners, and nonprofit leaders.  We worked to convey that the question of voluntary contributions from property tax-exempt organizations to the city is a question about community and the people that make up that community, and that nonprofits are essential to the prosperity of the city and contribute generously to the health and wealth of St. Paul.

The Citizens League presented the St Paul PILOT/SILOT Project Report to the St. Paul City Council last week. The report captures the clarity of the law - that there is no legal authority for a mandatory a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) program and acknowledges the complexity of the city's budget situation, institutional relationships, and PILOTs. It does not say that St Paul should adopt a PILOT program.One major thing was also echoed throughout - it is crucial that dialogue continues to happen that engages more voices in this conversation. 

We all -- nonprofits, community members, and the city -- share the common goal of working in and toward public interest. Transparency, trust, and the recognition of the value that each contributes to the overall success of the city is paramount in building a strong and unencumbered relationship. As the introduction to this report notes, indeed our “fates remain intertwined and [our] successes remain dependent on each other.”

Although this is currently being discussed in St. Paul, we anticipate the conversation will begin happening in surrounding cities as well. Let us know if this is a conversation going on in your community. MCN will continue to lead on this issue and be a part of this conversation as well, so stay posted for further updates.



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