MCN's 2017 Policy Agenda

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits informs, promotes, connects and strengthens individual nonprofits and the nonprofit sector. MCN’s public policy agenda is designed to support and advance the role of the nonprofit sector, promote equity and inclusion, encourage civic participation and advance tax and budget decisions that provide the resources necessary to support diverse community needs and assist those with the fewest resources.

Support and Advance the Role of the Nonprofit Sector

  • Maintain and strengthen state tax policies that support a positive charitable giving climate and enhance the nonprofit sector’s ability to maximize service to the community, including tax exemptions for nonprofit organizations and tax incentives for charitable contributions that treat donors and contributions equally.
  • Protect the decision-making autonomy and self-governance authority of nonprofit organizations.
  • Oppose the implementation of nonprofit fees and assessments by local governments.
  • Monitor and systematically review proposals for alternative organizational structures and funding mechanisms.
  • Affirm nonprofits as desirable employers and promote employment policies that take into consideration the unique circumstances of nonprofit organizations.

Support Public Policies that Assist Those with the Fewest Resources

  • Promote public policies and state budget choices that expand opportunity, improve the economic well-being of low- and moderate-income Minnesotans, and narrow racial disparities.
  • Support a fair and sustainable tax system that raises adequate revenues to fund Minnesota’s priorities.

Encourage Civic Participation

  • Support improvements to structures and systems of democracy in order to expand access to voting and civic engagement opportunities for all Minnesotans, including voting rights restoration, automatic voter registration, early voting, improved judicial selection and others.
  • Support efforts for an effective and inclusive 2020 Census where all are counted in Minnesota.
  • Support comprehensive federal immigration reform that assists both employers and employees, provides a path to citizenship, preserves family reunification, protects rights and conditions for workers, ensures enforcement and due process, and accords rights and responsibilities for full integration into society.


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