Transition Announcement from MCN and Nonprofit Insurance Advisors

An announcement from Jon Pratt, Executive Director, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and Sondra Reis, President, Nonprofit Insurance Advisors, and Associate Director, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

We are pleased to announce that the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) is launching a new relationship with Bremer Insurance, owned by Bremer Financial Corporation, which also owns Bremer Bank.

Bremer Insurance will buy the assets of Nonprofit Insurance Advisors (NIA), a commercial property and casualty insurance agency launched as a service of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits four years ago. At the same time, MCN will add Bremer Insurance to the list of product and service partnerships we have developed over the years that save our members money, alert them to quality services, and showcase some of the great products available to Minnesota nonprofits.

This means that Nonprofit Insurance Advisors’ 500 valued nonprofit clients will become clients of Bremer Insurance, and the policies that they purchased and renewed through NIA will be serviced by Bremer Insurance starting on Monday, November 2, 2015.

MCN’s goal since its start in 1987 has been to help nonprofit leaders find affordable solutions that fit their organization’s needs in many areas, including insurance. Over the years, we’ve received thousands of calls and emails from nonprofit managers wanting to know how to get insurance, what carriers best meet their needs, and how much it might cost.

Four years ago, MCN established Nonprofit Insurance Advisors to help nonprofits understand their insurance needs and connect them to trusted insurance products. NIA then purchased the Morse Agency and hired its owner, long-time insurance advisor Andrew Morse as its first employee.

MCN had four objectives for NIA’s work: (1) become the nonprofit sector’s trusted insurance broker, (2) provide excellent service to nonprofits of all sizes, (3) help nonprofits lower their exposure to risk, and (4) recognize and meet the unique insurance needs of each individual organization.

In many ways, NIA was successful, and we are proud of the agency’s service to the sector over the past four years. Every day, through our sales and renewal process, we worked diligently to fit our quotes to each nonprofit’s individual needs. Many customers commented on the friendly and timely service they received from our customer service specialist, Christina McGee. We were able to develop close relationships with carriers that share our dedication to the nonprofit sector, including Monitor Liability Managers, Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance, Risk Retention Group (ANI), and First Nonprofit Group (now AmTrust) to develop new products to better cover our clients’ risks at the most advantageous price.

However, like many other small organizations, it’s been hard to sustain our business model. In particular, several changes in the insurance industry in recent years made it clear that there was a better way to serve the nonprofit sector’s insurance needs. Now is the time to build this new relationship with Bremer Insurance. Bremer Insurance, like Bremer Bank, is a highly effective and accessible service provider who recognizes the unique insurance needs of nonprofit organizations and is dedicated to identifying and brokering appropriate and cost-effective coverage for them. Owned by Bremer Financial Corporation, which is in turn owned by the Otto Bremer Foundation and Bremer employees, Bremer Insurance employs 85 insurance professionals serving clients throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota.

In closing, we extend our sincere thanks to the 500 nonprofit clients of Nonprofit Insurance Advisors. While MCN will no longer directly serve organizations through an insurance agency, our conferences, services and advocacy continue to grow throughout the state to strengthen Minnesota’s extraordinary nonprofit sector. And MCN will continue to help nonprofits understand their risk management and insurance needs in cooperation with Bremer Insurance.

We know NIA’s clients may have many questions about this change. Regarding insurance-related requests, we are confident that Bremer Insurance will provide both friendly and timely service to NIA’s clients. Bremer Insurance’s Maryjoe Jordan, Customer Service Representative, will be handling these requests at 651-552-2425 or

Warm regards,

Jon Pratt
Executive Director, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
651-757-3077 /




Sondra Reis
President, Nonprofit Insurance Advisors, and
Associate Director, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
651-757-3075 /

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