Recognizing Minnesota's Outstanding Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations make outstanding contributions to Minnesota’s high quality of life. The Minnesota Nonprofit Awards honor these contributions.

The Minnesota Nonprofit Awards are a joint project of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) and MAP for Nonprofits. The awards include the Nonprofit Mission Awards in the categories of Innovation, Nonprofit Advocacy, Anti-racism Initiative and Responsive Philanthropy, and the Nonprofit Excellence Awards that honor overall excellence in management.

MCN and MAP are pleased to announce the 2013 Minnesota Nonprofit Mission and Excellence Award winners. Congratulations!

2013 Nonprofit Mission Award Winners:

Recipients of Minnesota Nonprofit Mission Awards demonstrate effective contributions in the categories of Innovation, Advocacy, Anti-Racism Initiative and Responsive Philanthropy.

2013 Nonprofit Excellence Award Winners:

Recipients of Minnesota Nonprofit Excellence Awards demonstrate effective accountability principles and specific management practices based on the fundamental values of quality, responsibility and accountability; as identified in the Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence.


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