Court Calls on Community Leaders for Redistricting Testimony

Minnesota’s special redistricting panel is looking for community members, such as nonprofit leaders, to help identify geographic communities across the state that should not be divided during the redistricting process.  This information will be used to help the court draw new political boundaries for the legislature and Congress.  Without this information, the court could divide real communities and thus minimize their voice in the voting booth.

Please help the court identify these communities by speaking at one of the eight public hearings scheduled from October 5-14.  To participate, please call 855-245-0849 and follow the instructions.  You must reserve your spot by Friday, September 16.

Meanwhile, the work of the volunteer Minnesota Citizens Redistricting Commission continues as they gather more feedback from communities about how they want their districts to be redrawn.  The Commission will be testifying to the panel and presenting their findings during October. Attend an upcoming Citizen Commission hearing in your area.


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