Minnesota's Nonprofits are at the Capitol and Ready to Advocate for Communities

St. Paul, Minn., January 7, 2011 — With the start of the 2011 Legislative Session, Minnesota’s nonprofit organizations will be engaged in the debate, including funding critical services in our communities.

The state’s coalition of more than 2,000 nonprofits will turn its attention to keeping our state safe for all nonprofits and the communities they serve. To that end, the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits has identified several key issues on which it will focus during the 2011 Legislative Session.
Minnesota’s nonprofits care about:

  1. Addressing the massive state budget deficit with the least harm to those Minnesotans hit hardest by the recession.
  2. Reducing the statute of limitations on clawbacks of donations to charitable organizations made by donors to engaged in fraudulent activities.
  3. Adjusting state nonprofit reporting requirements to be consistent with federal requirements. 
  4. Protecting tax exemptions, incentives for charitable giving and other policies that strengthen our communities.
  5. Strengthening the nonprofit-government relationship through improved grants and contracting. 
  6. Promoting democracy and civic participation including: voting and elections; redistricting; impartial judicial selection.
  7. Promoting a balanced approach to the state’s budget shortfall, including raising revenues fairly.
  8. Participating in the state implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

In addition, the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and many of its members and allies are supporting the Nonprofit Sector and Community Solutions Act (HR 5533) in Congress, sponsored by Rep. McCollum. The bill establishes a federal support infrastructure for the nonprofit sector.



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