Past Successes

Since its founding in 1987, MCN has been recognized for exemplary work at the state legislature, and as a source of training on relationships and advocacy between nonprofits and government.  The number and subject matter of MCN’s public policy positions has grown over time. Below are just some of the campaigns and successes over MCN's history of public policy work.

Legislative Accomplishments and Past Campaigns

  Opposed voter restriction amendment
  Opposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage
  Reduced the impacts of fraud clawbacks on nonprofits
  Eliminated the annual deadline for nonprofit employers to opt out of the state unemployment insurance fund
  Raised audit threshold for charitable organizations to $750,000
  Established new definition for charitable property tax exemption
  Opposed ban on same-sex marriage
  Deleted for Budgetary Reasons Campaign gave sobering realities of impact of state budget cuts
  Think Twice Before Cutting Funding to Nonprofits Campaign limited budget cuts to vital services
  Passed the Charitable Giving Relief Act, providing tax deductions to Minnesota non-itemizers


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