2013 Policy Agenda

MCN's work to keep Minnesota safe for nonprofits happens during the Minnesota legislative session and beyond. Below are the major initiatives, targeted issues and ongoing positions MCN is advocating for. We welcome feedback and involvement. Please contact the MCN policy staffDownload our agenda as a PDF. 

Major Initiatives

  1. Minnesota State Budget—support a balanced approach to the 2014-2015 budget, including raising revenues fairly and opposing proposals which would restrict lawmakers flexibility to respond to economic downturns, changing state demographics and other emerging needs. 
  2. Protect and enhance voter access—advance proposals which modernize and strengthen Minnesota’s election system while increasing access to voting. 

Targeted Issues

  1. Tax reform—maintain tax policies that enhance the nonprofit sector’s ability to maximize service to the community, including sales and property tax exemption and tax deduction for charitable donations. 
  2. Red Tape Reduction Project—pursue streamlining and efficiency strategies to strengthen the nonprofit-government relationship.
  3. Alternative Organizational Structures—contribute the nonprofit voice, history and economic trends to proposals for alternative organizational structures and funding mechanisms. 

On-going Positions

  1. Strengthen the nonprofit-government relationship through improved grants and contracting and strategic government redesign. 
  2. Advance policy choices under state implementation of the Affordable Care Act to promote affordable access to quality health care.
  3. Oppose the implementation of nonprofit fees and assessments by local governments.



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